Almost bait and switch @ Enterprise

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Almost bait and switch @ Enterprise

So not sure if Employee was right or i was right.

Went online and rented a car from our local Enterprise (small rental place i understand this) Searched what they offered and decided on the Chrysler 300 or similar. $63 per day. reason being for the larger car i hoped was i had a very tall passenger along with 2 other regular people.

feeling very happy with myself i got to the counter did my paper work walked out to see my shinny nice 300c or Similar !! here you go..... Chevy Malibu LT. looked at the rep said is that premium? "oh yes he replied" since the new Malibu came out they changed it to a premium. right i said looking at the car thinking how in the heck can i get a 6ft 9 man into this and have room behind him?
Home i headed. this started bugging me so i called the 1 800 number...

me: Is a Malibu classed as a premium car by enterprise?

them : The voice on other end of phone says premium?? not that i know its a full size car!

me: Oh i said are you sure?

them: yes unless they just changed the categories for us!

me: thanks very much and hung up

So outside to my driveway i headed. started looking at the car thinking darn who is right! then i spotted it the bar code they put on the window of the car. yes it has make model colour class...wait class????? oh yes look right there in plain site FCAR. pissed now. i head right back to the rental place.
i ask why they told me this was a premium which i was paying for.

them: Oh it is sir.

me: oh then why does the bar code say FCAR on it? Doesn't that mean its a full size?

them: what it does? then new ones should be PCAR?

me: oh really but this is a FCAR and i need another car

them: we have a Jeep Compass if you would like?

me: urm no thanks not a good fit for tall people..

me: I will keep the Malibu but i am not paying the $63 since you guys have it listed at FCAR

them: oh yes we can do that.

me: Bloody right you can AND will do that..

$20 difference!!!! pisses me off that they can and do choose to do things like this. I would have been happier if they just said hey we dont have a PCAR but will this do? we can adjust your rate inside.

NO just rip the Customer off NOT GOOD ENTERPRISE.

venting over thank you
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I believe the rep you had at the branch most likely confused the old Impala with the 2014 Impala. The older year Impalas were/are FCAR, but the new look Impala are now PCAR.

You can also email [email protected] about your situation, and they can help resolve the issue. Coorporate is usually much better at handling these types of case.

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Originally Posted by kxc262 View Post
I believe the rep you had at the branch most likely confused the old Impala with the 2014 Impala. The older year Impalas were/are FCAR, but the new look Impala are now PCAR.
I wish I could say I believe this but I don't. A couple years ago I had a reservation for a Standard and got an Intermediate. I was assured the Sentra was now a Standard and I checked the keytag and saw "ICAR".

Earlier this year I was dating a girl from D.C. and she'd rent from Enterprise and come down and see me and each time I'd check the keytag vs. her reservation and at least twice they'd downgraded her and assured her they hadn't.

Plus, I used to work for ERAC, it's a common tactic. When you return, say you aren't completely satisfied because of this and you'll get even more stuff in your favor.
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