Advantage car rental in California - Liability Insurance Supplement


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Advantage car rental in California - Liability Insurance Supplement

I am a Canadian driver who just rented a car in California, San Diego to be specific. I'm renting a car from Advantage car rental. I do not drive at home, so I have no personal insurance. But I have the American Express Gold Card (Canadian version).

When I checked the car out, the Advantage agent said that I *must* buy the Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS) since I am not American and I don't have my own insurance. I accepted without budging.

But is this true? Or was this just a sales tactic? I understand that in California, car rental companies are not obligated to provide insurance with their base rate.

But if anyone can tell me whether the LIS was indeed mandatory or optional, I would greatly appreciate that. I'm expecting to either to go back to Advantage to complain, or just complain through American Express. But I would like to know before I do.

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So it depends I believe CA is the only state not to require Rental Car agencies to provide minimal liability insurance.

Minimum liability insurance requirements for private passenger vehicles (California Insurance Code 11580.1b)

* $15,000 for injury/death to one person.
* $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
* $5,000 for damage to property.

If s/he sold you RLI – Rental Liability Insurance then it sounds like this company did not provide their own baseline insurance on the vehicle and passed the costs off to the customer. RLI is an absolute requirement for rental but most big rental car agencies will provide it. I think Advantage has great rates because they do pass this expense off to the customer and dont tell you about it.

*Supplemental* policies (SLI) are NEVER a requirement for rental whether you're from Canda, Africa, or Mars. They are basically insurance plans that extend your financial responsibility. If you do not purchase it, and you get into an accident, and you are at fault the base rental car insurance pays out the minimum required and the rest is your responsibility.

The word "supplement" could be just a play on words. Basically what you have to confirm is this: Did Advantage provide a minimal state required baseline liability insurance (that they pay themselves) when you drove it off the lot. If not then yes you either had to pay the RLI or prove that you have personal insurance to cover the rental liability.

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CA liability

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