FOX in Las Vegas...


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FOX in Las Vegas...

First off, I love FOX in San Jose...the customer service agents there are great, fast, efficient, hardly ever have a problem.

Gotta say I have NEVER seen the circus of the FOX car rental place in Las Vegas. First off, the driver on the FOX courtesy van explains that FOX is off site cause there's no room in the Las Vegas Car Rental Center for them...that's why after taking a shuttle to the Las Vegas Car Rental Center, you then have to take a FOX shuttle to their off-off site location. He says this is only temporary. Right.

So you get to the FOX car rental site, and there is plenty of construction going on. Yea, this looks like a place that is just going to be there temporarily...NOT. But regardless, it has to have the SLOWEST line I have ever seen in my car renting life. The agents there move sssssllllloooowwww (slow), chat about life and their hobbies, love to take breaks leaving only a couple of agents on duty while the line grows. I mean, it was just painful to watch. I unfortunately had the opportunity to watch this charade TWICE as when I returned the car, I wanted the charges on another card, and was told I had to go inside and stand in line...UGG.

Maybe they figure most renters are only visitors to Las Vegas so there's no need to be professional and efficient. It really is a pathetic display of job performance, all the while they try and do the traditional up sell in a folksy SLOW manner.

If you're in any kind of a hurry, make sure you have a good book to read if you choose to book FOX in Las Vegas; on the other hand, if you're in San Jose, it'll go pretty darn fast...although I gotta say the other week I was standing in line, and this poor guy told the agents that he just booked a FOX rental online, and the customer service agent behind the desk really told him with a straight face, that if you book on the internet, ya know, it has to go all over the place, and won't show up there,eg in San Jose, for several hours. In other words, if you want to book online to get a cheaper price to avoid what we're quoting you, you're outta luck.

But FOX Las Vegas. That's gotta be the most pathetic performance of customer service agents I've ever seen. I did see the manager walking around, obviously she was either blind or didn't care or didn't understand why the people in line were grumbling and laughing at their pathetic performance.

I've had another incredibly crazy experience with Budget which I'm also posting about... perhaps the moon is in the wrong position. I dunno, but I do know that those folks behind the desk at FOX in Las Vegas are a total insult to the concept of customer service...and clearly it's their management that should be slowly roasted over an open fire...
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