China Eastern Airlines and ticket vs passport name?

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China Eastern Airlines and ticket vs passport name?

Flying on MU in J from LAX-PVG-MLE return and have been reading some scary posts about being denied boarding. When I bought the ticket via Expedia my profile and my credit card only use my middle initial but my passport has the full middle name. Should I try to have the ticket match that ie (John Q Public vs John Quincy Public)? How difficult would that be? Thanks
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I haven't seen those stories but I can tell you I've had no issues with names and passports on MU and their (terrible?) IT. Both of my children's names are too long for their system and only in one single case did it require an "extra" step before the flight. One time flying PVG-CTU the check in agent hand wrote the rest of their names on the ticket and sent us over to the ticketing counter to get it stamped. Took maybe 5 minutes (we were flying J). With your first name and last correct I wouldn't worry about it all.
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I have never, ever, heard of somebody being denied boarding because of the middle name.

They match last, first is all. Perhaps 10-20% of pax will have issues with middle being mangled in some way.

Now, the online access can be a bit of a pain. If you want to bring up your reservation by name, you might need to try various versions. But that is just a minor annoyance.

Trying to change the ticket is probably difficult, and more likely to lead to a screw-up than just ignoring it.

And I have flown on MU as all of:

exwannabe, joe bob [My passport]
exwannabe, joe b [my CC]
exwannabe, joe mr b [have no clue what this is]
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