Internal flights in the Philippines

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Internal flights in the Philippines

Can anyone recommend the best airline for internal flights in the Philippines? On quite a tight schedule so would like to fly between destinations rather than ferries/buses.
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Originally Posted by Linom19 View Post
Can anyone recommend the best airline for internal flights in the Philippines? On quite a tight schedule so would like to fly between destinations rather than ferries/buses.
Philippine Airlines is the flag carrier but if you are on a budget you can choose between Cebu Pacific and Airasia. If I were on a tight schedule, I'll pay more to fly PR.
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I have tended to use PAL - often the price is similar to Cebu Pacific. Never used AirAsia.

Taken about 12 internal flights - no delays of any substance. That said, I am always a little cautious and build in buffers for potential delays.
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I'd consider PAL the best airline, in terms of service, planes, etc.
Cebu Pacific is a true LCC, has a 7/7 safety rating, but worst on-time performance in Asia
AirAsia shares that honor of worst OT record, also very poor service, worse safety rating, my last choice in Philippines...
Good alternative is SkyJet Air - small jets, good service or SwiftAir, limited routes with ATR
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I would also second PAL, they're really trying, and is definitely the better choice over Cebpac and AirAsia
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I add my twopennyworth to choosing Philippine Airlines.

Every airline incurs delays at or above Manila NAIA, but PAL seems to run on time the most. Cebu Pacific comes second, and AirAsia Philippines...don't bother.

If flying to Cebu City (Mactan) or Davao City, an occasional PAL flight has the redone A330s with AVOD in all classes and lie flat in J. These are generally the A333s with a rego of RP-C878X, not the 'RP-C876X' series. There are 15 of these of which from memory eight got refitted. Flight Radar 24 shows the refurbished ones' aircraft type as '333' if I recall.

Also rarely a domestic flight may have a new A321neo that also has AVOD to all seats. These are registered as 'RP-C99XX.' the Airfleets site gives us a list of these aircraft.
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PAL is horrible. I was stranded at Coron for several hours, missing my connecting flight and being stuck in a red-light motel about an hour (without traffic) from MNL by them. They said it was a weather issue in MNL that caused our flight from Coron to be delayed, yet we watched several Cebu Pacific flights to/from MNL come and go on time while waiting for our flight to arrive.

I also might add that they messed up the info on my husband's itinerary due to a flight change (originally MNL-USU, USU-PPS, PPS-MNL: changed to MNL-USU, USU-MNL, MNL-PPS, PPS-MNL when USU-PPS flight dropped). He was unable to perform online check-in for any of the 4 flights: we spent an average of 4+ hours PER FLIGHT SEGMENT to correct his itinerary with phone and ground staff at the airport. Each and every time we had a flight, we went through the same nightmare for hours, and he only received his boarding pass shortly before the flight. These flights were all on the same ticket, yet he had to go through this hellish torment for each segment. I would rather swim through crocodile-infested waters with both arms tied behind my back than rely on PAL ever again for anything.

I have been flying Air Asia throughout SE Asia for close to a decade, and they have always exceeded my expectation for an LCC, despite the absurdly low ticket prices. Their website is very comprehensive, the onboard service has always been decent, and the add-ons/upgrades/etc are fairly cheap and transparent. I have flown Cebu a couple times as well, and would not hesitate to choose them if Air Asia is not an option.
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