Sri Lankan - NEVER AGAIN!!!


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Sri Lankan - NEVER AGAIN!!!

Booked our flight via expedia with hotel as in a package.
02:00 - 06:00 - 07:25 - 08:15
All in UL, even though is a red eye flight but the journey only take around 9 hrs
09:25 - 11:20 - 13:55 - 22:00
Gonna be a long day especially leaving paradise but me and my family will able to arrive same day.

What happened was the airline UL reduced the numbers of flight to/from HKG CMB, and both my HKG CMB HKG legs got cancelled, NOW, it takes around 24 hours from HK to Male and 25hrs from Male back to HK.

Expedia CR, I believe they did try their best to help and to communicate with the airline.
End up they refuse to put us in direct flight to MLE by CX but let us take a CX flight to CMB but have 8hrs layover.

Sri Lankan Airline hotline and Email, hotline promised to call me back for re-arrangement but never heard from them. Filed a complaint letter by email, said they will investigate but again no sign of any update!!!!
Since we have a layover landing in CMB midnight, it's very common the airline will provide transit hotel Right? But the answer is NO, they said since you took CX to CMB, so hotel will no be provide!
Fine, maybe a lounge pass then? After many phone calls with promise from Expedia but still no sign of anything from the airline, just gonna tell myself that will be one and only with Sri Lanka Air!!!

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Were you offered a full refund ?
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I did ask for a refunds through Expedia only for flight, but they help us to re-arrange the flight instead, I don't think UL have made any reply regarding refund.
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Not really trying to defend Sri Lanken here. But...

It is fairly normal that when an airline advance schedule changes make your flight no longer acceptable they will rebook on any of their own flights. . They will refund you if no good option exists. But they will not re-book you on another carrier for the main legs. So I see no issue with UL not puting you on the CX direct flight.

This might have been more on Expedia, They could have insisted on a refund (and UL would do so). Then re-book you as you wish, but price difference on you. The CX direct would likely have been a lot more expensive.

Changes happen.
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Lesson learned to save a few bucks avoid booking with Expedia, book with the airline directly
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UL does provide transit hotel for most connection flights.
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Originally Posted by adamsenortiger View Post
UL does provide transit hotel for most connection flights.
They certainly do and I have stayed in their hotels for free many times on the way to or from LHR. They arent bad at all (in business class).

But the conditions include that the connecting flights must all be one ticket, and both flights must be on their own planes. Seems fair to me.

The OP should have gone for a full refund from Expedia, or should have taken out cancellation insurance.
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