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bridgeair Mar 17, 13 7:42 am

cebu pacific air
Anyone heard of cebu pacific air? They seem to be a new LCA.

Does anyone know a good way of searching for Cebu Pacific Air flights as their website seems inconvenient to use.

j5rider Mar 17, 13 8:27 am

They have been around for at least 10th yrs. Their model seems to be more of a southwest airlines operation. No problems that I know of, but I believe you can only book on their website or at their ticketing office.

goku001 Mar 17, 13 9:43 am

cebu pacific air
Never had a problem with the website. In fact find it fairly easy to use.

Service is actually pretty decent. A lot of routes have new planes. It's all fairly short haul, so not really an issue if we don't get a meal etc.

Ocn Vw 1K Mar 17, 13 10:36 am

For more discussion, please follow the thread to the Other Asian airline forum. Ocn Vw 1K, Moderator, TravelBuzz.

Earthlings Mar 17, 13 10:45 am

Isn't it Cebu that has the Flight attendents doing a dance for the safety video?

Dandel Mar 17, 13 10:59 am

Flew 4 segments with them in December/January. Two of which domestic and two international (SIN - MNL & MNL - HKG). All the flights were somewhat delayed (between 0,5 and 2 hours), but otherwise standard low-cost airline experience. Pay for assigned seat, check luggage, food etc.

Planes seemed quite new and in good shape. On board nothing special with the exception of the little game they always play in flight where a stewardess gets on the PA and asks for you to hold up an item (red pen, passport, boarding pass, etc.). First person to do so wins some Cebu Pacific swag.

Black Adder Mar 17, 13 8:12 pm

I've flown Cebu Pacific quite a few times while traveling in the Philippines, never had a problem.

rurouni212 Mar 17, 13 9:43 pm

Cebu Pacific has been around for a while. They are somewhere between a low cost carrier and an ultra low cost carrier. They charge for checked bags, advanced seat assignments and food. Planes are all economy class. Nothing spectacular but they'll get you from point A to point B.

brp1264 Apr 7, 13 7:22 pm

Expect delays with them, broken planes, and being shuttled around with nobody really knowing what's going on.

I flew them in January and was cracking up on the plane due to a screw up onboard. Like most airlines now, they charge extra for exit row seating that has more legroom. An older and larger German couple next to me had paid extra for this, and there was a last minute plane swap that meant row 14 was no longer an exit row, but row 12 was. So, the people sitting a few rows up had extra legroom and we were in standard economy. They made a stink about it to the FA, and the FA went to go to the GA to see what could be done. While they were waiting for the FA to come back, there was an PA advertisement announcement for paying a little extra for exit row seats!! I laughed and found the humor in it, but the German couple didn't. Eventually they got two people in row 12 to switch - I stayed in row 14 as I didn't pay extra and didn't care for such a short flight.

SLC 4217 May 13, 13 3:38 pm

Originally Posted by Earthlings (Post 20434918)
Isn't it Cebu that has the Flight attendents doing a dance for the safety video?

Yes, that is them.

They also have quizzes on the flights where you can win Cebu Pacific items.

Earthlings May 13, 13 4:48 pm

Originally Posted by SLC 4217 (Post 20744923)
Yes, that is them.

They also have quizzes on the flights where you can win Cebu Pacific items.

Sounds like a fun flight!

belfordrocks May 14, 13 4:37 am

They are also breaking the record for most number of seats in an A330 with... 436! :eek:

mayodave May 14, 13 6:05 am

Just pray nothing goes wrong as these guys have a reputation second to none at burying their heads when anything arises.

goku001 May 14, 13 10:53 am

cebu pacific air
Don't worry guys. It's not bad at all. Better than some of the 'full service' carrier options available there.

angeloedades May 14, 13 4:37 pm

I booked them for my MNL - ZAM trip this coming new year... they seem to be the cheapest in terms of 45KG allowance so I booked them!

I used to live in ZAM and was frequently shuttling to MNL / CEB with 5J in the 90's/2000's but they have gone low cost so hopefully it won;t be that bad!


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