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Netjets / Flex are fractional, so you can't just charter a flight to my knowledge. Planet 9 was formed in 2018, so not much of a track record to judge.

The only one left that you've listed is VistaJet - you'll get a great experience with VJ, but unlikely to get a good value / bang for buck (depending on dates / routing / one way vs RT, etc).

You seem to have an aversion to managed aircraft, but that's likely where you'll find the best value (without compromising safety, experience, or really anything else - just requires more work/knowledge). There's a reason there are extremely few fully-owned fleets.

If you prefer, PM me and I'm happy to help 1:1.
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so EJM and flight options are separate fleets from their sister companies?

netjets has been advertising private (not group) trips for certain travel provider partners
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EJM is a separate fleet of managed aircraft (vs. Netjet's fractional fleet). Netjets does use EJM aircraft (in addition to third-party charter aircraft) for peak demand though.

Flight Options is fractional as well (although they also offer a jet card like many of the fractional providers). Largely pre-owned aircraft.
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We have a fractional program for business, but use on demand charter when we have a less imperative trip or need better value.

If you’re looking to get the best price without the broker runaround, gives us an apples-to-apples comparison of managed aircraft from EJM, VistaJet, or whomever else is available for a trip. Has worked well so far.
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The rates at VJ depend on the type of aircraft, the CL350 is much less than the rates mentioned here.
Service is one of the best out there. Decision pretty much lies if you want to be an asset owner or not and how you plan your trips.

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Originally Posted by normanvdmeijden View Post
The rates at VJ depend on the type of aircraft, the CL350 is much less than the rates mentioned here.
Service is one of the best out there. Decision pretty much lies if you want to be an asset owner or not and how you plan your trips.
I'm a big fan of VistaJet, flew with a friend a while back on one of their big, silver, Globals. All I can say is WOW. Flight Attendant was very professional, food was top, and aircraft was new and spotless.

Certainly a price premium unless you can snag a one way trip last minute which is what he did. It ended up being not much more than another operator's Gulfstream IV (both quoted by a broker).

They offer free international wifi which is a big perk. I've had a bill roll in 60 days later for over $6k for international wifi.. not letting that happen again... I give my fellow travelers a stern warning before they log on now
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Vista Jet

Originally Posted by flyertalkrocks View Post
I've been recommended VistaJet. Does anyone have an opinion on them?
My company charters planes from VistaJet for our clients from time to time. Without a doubt the most high end, luxurious service available. Their prices are high, but our clients have loved their experiences on the Global 5000 and Global 6000's. Hard to beat silk pajamas.
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Iíve done many flights with VistaJet. Iíll paste some photos below. Feel free to dm me if you want more info.

Mostly style over substance in my view. The a/c broke and we were physically dripping sweat for ~10 minutes on the runway. Plane was fine. Food was mediocre. Ground services were confused.

For a separate trip, I contacted them directly to get a quote. Figured it couldnít hurt to cut out the middle man. Ops were wildly confused. I had to correct them on several misstatements of facts. Example: they told me Cuzco does not have customs. Wrong! Also they quoted me for a 350 when a 350 cannot physically fly in there. So it didnít inspire confidence. Ended up with a fantastic operator called Prime Jet (managed fleet) for that trip.

Vista pics:

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