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Congratulations, Randy & Webflyer Staff

Congratulations, Randy & Webflyer Staff


Old Jul 7, 01, 10:02 am
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Congratulations, Randy & Webflyer Staff

I just wanted to be the first to offer my wholehearted congratulations and thanks to Randy and his staff, who I'm sure have been pulling some late hours in the past week to set this all up. The new UI looks great, and the new forums rock!

Way to go, Randy!

P.S. One Suggestion...
Now in addition to "Trip Reports" in FT Miles, there is "Road Trip Reports" is FT Travel. I noticed other, similar forums in different sections. Maybe you should have an annoucement or help page detailing what types of posts should go where; a sort of road map for the expanded boards.

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Old Jul 7, 01, 11:46 am
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Yes congrats Randy and crew.

Are we open yet?

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Old Jul 7, 01, 11:55 am
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Hey, great job! It really looks nice. Thanks for you hard work.
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:03 pm
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Yes, congrat's all around to Randy & Co! Thanks very much!
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:04 pm
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It was tough not having a place to go for my addiction for the last couple days but worth the wait. Thanks Randy.

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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:07 pm
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Wow!! Great job, Randy and staff.
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:10 pm
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I agree totally - it looks great (although I wish we could somehow customise the colours, this new scheme is a bit stark for me, but I understand the reasons behind it ).

Thanks for the "State of the Union" email Randy and the hard work you've all put in on the changes. I already started off the MEL forum in the Local Airports area

It's great to have FT back - I was seriously missing my "fix"

RichardMEL, UA 1K
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:25 pm
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Great job by all involved. It was tough going through the withdrawal symptoms for two days. Thank goodness for FA (Flyertalk Anonymous)
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:32 pm
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By the look of it you guys probably didn't get much sleep in the past few days, the site looks great and the new features are sure to keep it "the world's most popular frequent flyer community" for years to come!

Thanks all of you!


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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:34 pm
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Randy (et al),
It's beautiful! Congratulations and Thank You! (boy, that was a long 2 days...)
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:38 pm
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Looks great! Thank you!
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:40 pm
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Thank you Randy. Great to be back on line with the community.
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:46 pm
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It looks great. Randy thanks for the State of the Union email.
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:53 pm
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markbach -
Good point. I think what we'll do on Monday os have my tech guys create a universal Trip Reports forum that links all four boards into one. They pulled that off for me with OMNI and there is no reason why we can't do it again. It requires a little work, but they have done a great job for me lately. Again, very good idea and one we will implement ASAP.
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Old Jul 7, 01, 12:54 pm
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Wonderful, wonderful! I can't wait for some of these forums to start filling up with posts (guess maybe I should help get this going, huh?).

Obviously a lot of hard work has gone into this. I'm a bit curious of the economics of it all--do the banner ads carry this board along with volunteers, or are there other sources income?

The board has already been a great resource to me. This new version will make it even better. Thanks!

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