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How much is the Priceline service fee?

It seems that the Priceline has been racking up the service fee they charge. On my last reservation that I posted to BB the service fee was $8.64. I came to this amount after subtracting the local tax rate of 10%.

How much have your service fee been?

It is quite amusing that we pay "service" fee to Priceline when everybody knows that the service you get from then is non existent if you happen need some help.

I hope that Priceline pays more than $8.64 for the 1000 eBay Anything Points that I will get from this reservation.
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Mine was also $8 and change. It may currently be 2% of the bid plus $5.60; I remember seeing that they use a mixed formula like this.
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They used to tell you, but quit when people discovered this would enable them to find the price paid by PL to the hotel by subtracting the PL fee and then reverse-figuring the tax. I would assume there is some randomness to the number for this reason. Sheryl of BFT said a few days ago she does not believe the PL fee exceeds $7 (correct me if I am incorrectly quoting her).
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Wasn't the hotel service fee only $5.95 about two years ago? And, correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to remember, a few years before that, when NO service fee was tacked on, and Priceline made their money from the difference between their cost and your higher bid.

The increased service fee really smarts for a one night, two to three star rental.
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