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Priceline refunds/cancellation fees

Priceline refunds/cancellation fees

Old Aug 6, 02, 5:34 pm
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Priceline refunds/cancellation fees

Hi: something went wrong with my bid when it was processed and as a result, I was charged and sent confirmation for the wrong weekend. The customer service representative told me that "one-time" I could utilize the resubmit form with and provide the correct information. Of course, I stated that they had sent me confirmation of the wrong dates, and what is happening is that I am not getting any of my new bids accepted (pursuant of their "one-time" policy)--I can only go higher than my original bid. As a result, I am going to be charged a $25 per day fee cancellation, in addition to the $5.95 process charge. I am OK with the process charge, but I want to know if anyone has had any luck getting the $25 per day cancellation reversed due to error on the part of Priceline. Of course, upfront they stated that this was a "one-time" exception, but this was a glitch that was by Priceline in sending me the wrong confirmation information.

Any strategies will be appreciated. Since I am not able to secure the bid request, I feel that I should be waived the $25 service cancellation since it was their problem.
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Old Aug 6, 02, 9:02 pm
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Hi Anna,

Sorry to hear about the glitch that caused your dates to get changed after you submitted your bid. It is kind of a tough perdicament and is not unprecidented. On BFT glitches and problems catagory there are several examples of bid peramiters being altered after the bids were submitted.

Since I have never contacted Priceline customer service ::: knocks on wood ::: this advice is strictly hypothetical: Since you tryed in ernest to rebid for the correct weekend and were unsuccessful, I would recontact Priceline customer services and let them know about your lack of success with the rebid. Probably when they suggested that you use the re-bid form, they had no way of knowing whether or not your re-bid would be successful or not.

Assuming that the frontline CSR is unwilling to give you credit or refund and you want to persue it further, you might want to write a letter to the CEO of Priceline exalaining the situation and convincing him that the bid peramiters were changed after you submitted the original bid and that the "one-time" rebid attempt was unsuccessful. If you have used Priceline perviously, you might include that information, so the person reading the letter will be more apt to believe that a lack of experience with the site or computers caused the errors. Also, I would think that they would value a repeat customer more than a newbie.

Finally, If you ever plan on using Priceline again, I would not contest the charge with the BBB or your credit card. There are reports on BFT of people who did contest charges, after Priceline refused refunds or credits, being banned from future Priceline bids (When they submit bids for any amount, they are automatically rejected).

If you want more specific advice, please reply and I post the links to the BFT threads I am talking about here and links to Priceline contact info and complaint letter examples.

Good luck and please let us know how this turns out.

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Old Aug 7, 02, 6:55 am
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Posted by annabanana:
something went wrong with my bid when it was processed and as a result, I was charged and sent confirmation for the wrong weekend.</font>
I guess you made a mistake. You should (re0bid again, if and when they allow you, and why not with a higher bid, one dollar or so!?!
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Old Aug 7, 02, 10:40 am
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If the something went wrong was on their end then they charged you for womething you didn't authorize and if they don't credit it back to you then put it in dispute with your credit card company.

If the mistake was on your end, then welcome to Priceline.

I've used their customer service for issues relating to double billing on rental cars, it's more of a store and forward message taking system then true customer service, no matter who you talk to all they will do is take the information and forward it to &lt;&lt;insert appropriate department name here&gt;&gt; and say they will get back to you in 5 days. They won't, you will have to call again and again to get it resolved.
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Old Aug 7, 02, 2:32 pm
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I had to cancel a trip because of a medical emergency in the family and was unable to do any better than the $25 cancelation fee plus the processing fee. I spoke to a supervisor as well but got nowhere. Being they were low bids I got back only around $25 on two stays.
One more note: Don't try corresponding by email. From the reply I got it was obvious noone read my email and the response was computer generated. I ended up calling.
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Old Oct 10, 04, 10:00 am
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There are no cancellations and no refunds

October 10, 2004

There are no cancellations and no refunds -- no kidding

In folksy TV commercials, William Shatner trades on his "Star Trek" fame to sell Earth-bound travelers on the 21st century concept of bidding for travel on Priceline.

What Capt. Kirk doesn't mention is that Priceline, an "opaque" site on which travelers make offers for hotel rooms, rental cars and airline tickets, among other products, isn't for everyone. Consumers assume more risk in return for getting rock-bottom deals for products whose names aren't revealed until a "bid" is accepted, and dissatisfied consumers are confronted with a strict no cancellation/no refund policy.

"It's for someone who is willing to take value over their preference" for a specific hotel or airline, said Steve Nassua, founder of Betterbidding.com, a website that offers counsel to potential Priceline customers. "My advice would be to get help before you bid, especially if you've never done it before."

Once your bid is accepted, your credit card is charged in full for whatever travel you've bought. Any attempt to change or cancel means forfeiture of the whole payment.

Brian Latimer of Los Angeles recently ran afoul of this rule. In June he successfully bid on a room for him and his boss to share at the Royalton Hotel in New York for four nights at $189 a night. Priceline notes that bed requests cannot be guaranteed but also says that customers may call the hotel to request bed type. When Latimer tried, he was told bed arrangements could not be confirmed until arrival. Priceline tried to intervene with the hotel on his behalf, to no avail. He and his boss would have to take their chances.

"[One of the] most common questions that we get is the ability to get two beds," said Sheryl Mexic, founder and administrator of Biddingfortravel.com, another website helping consumers bid on Priceline.

Unhappy with the hotel's response, he asked a Priceline agent to cancel the transaction. Priceline refused.

Generally, hotels can't guarantee a bed type. But on a conventional booking, if what you want is not available, you can walk away. You may have to pay for a night's lodging, but you generally aren't going to get stuck with the whole tab. With Priceline, you do.

Latimer booked another hotel, and he assumed that he could contest the Priceline charge of nearly $900 with Capital One, his credit card issuer.

Although sympathetic to his case, Capital One said its hands were tied. The no cancellation/no refund policy, which is clearly stated on Priceline's website, essentially made it powerless. "Because the site is so clear, it's difficult for us to dispute it with them," said Diana Don, a Capital One spokeswoman.

Priceline concurred.

"Since the trade-offs required were explained upfront to Mr. Latimer (and not in fine print, either), I don't see where a refund is warranted or fair," Priceline spokesman Brian Ek said in an e-mail.

I contacted travel attorney Alexander Anolik of San Francisco to see whether Latimer had any recourse.

"Thou shalt pay whether you like it or not," said Anolik, co-author of "Traveler's Rights: Your Legal Guide to Fair Treatment and Full Value." "Unless there was some error that Priceline did, he's not going to get out of it unfortunately."

Priceline says it can offer low rates only because of its strict adherence to its policies, including no refunds.

There are deals to be had at Priceline, but it's buyer beware. If you misunderstand a rule, remember there is no safety net.

Entire Article:
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Old Oct 10, 04, 11:44 am
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For future reference, it's always a good idea to print the bid confirmation page on Priceline before submitting it. Thsi would give you a solid case to get yoru credit card company to reverse the charges if Priceline refused to fix a mistake they made.
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Old Oct 11, 04, 9:52 am
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You can ask Priceline to see a 'screenshot' of your bid submission screen as this will show for certain if the mistake was on your end or their end.

If the mistake was on their end then i wouldn't pay any fee... if on your end be thankful they're giving you the 'one time exception.'
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Old Oct 12, 04, 3:36 pm
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I've used Priceline for most of my hotel room bookings with no problems. But I've read horrible stories at this site and biddingfortravel where the hotel was full/over-booked and they refused to honor the priceline reservation. If you're lucky, they will get you another hotel room & paid for it. If not, you will be stranded and have to pay more expesive rack fare on your own.

No cancel & no refund is ok with me, but it should work both ways.
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Old Nov 4, 04, 10:59 pm
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I had National Car Rental at Midway airport in Chicago refuse to accept my Priceline reservation. It took about an hour on the phone, but they did eventually give me a refund.
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Old Nov 4, 04, 11:48 pm
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Waynelorentz, how could National do that? Did you show up at the appointed time?
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Old Nov 11, 04, 11:23 pm
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Originally Posted by WillTravel
Waynelorentz, how could National do that? Did you show up at the appointed time?
I never got a proper explanation, and neither did Priceline when they had one of their investigators look into it. I think that's why I got my refund. I don't know if the guy didn't like the color of my skin or what. He did at one point mention something about me not having an airline ticket, but why should I? I live in downtown Chicago where I don't need to own a car. I was renting the car for a weekend trip out of town.

I even offered to let my wife take over and pay for the rental if there was some problem with me, but he said that wouldn't be allowed because Priceline reservations are different than "normal" reservations.

I've rented with National at O'Hare before with no problems, so I can only assume this phenomenon is localized to either Midway, or to that particular person behind the desk.
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Old Mar 12, 21, 10:57 am
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Priceline taking advantage of customers with Covid credits

We received a credit with no change fee from Priceline for a flight we had to cancel due to Covid. When we went to rebook the flight I compared our credit with what Priceline was advertising for the flight which was just $5 more, that was no problem. In order to use the credit and rebook the flight we had to call Priceline (it could not be done online). For some reason, which they could not explain, the price of the ticket went up $50. more than what they were advertising. After a lengthy conversation about them not honoring their online pricing, I got no where. When asked to speak with a supervisor I was told there wasn't one. This is not right. Horrible customer service. They are taking advantage of customer's credits during a pandemic by jacking up the price of the ticket.
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