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Legal Question re: Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel

Legal Question re: Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel

Old Mar 17, 23, 10:21 pm
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Legal Question re: Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel

Feb 28th: I booked a deeply discounted refundable/changeable business class ticket on a luxury carrier using mostly points from CURT. The itinerary is listed in the TRIPS section of the CURT website as CONFIRMED. I selected seats and meals on the airline website without issue. I also received confirmation email with heading:
"Youre all set, NAME! We're pleased to confirm the following details and transaction information for your upcoming trip."

Mar 6th: May plans change and I work with an agent to change my return at the same price. Same situation an above. I selected new seats and meals on the airline website, without issue.
"Youre all set, NAME! We're pleased to confirm the following details and transaction information for your upcoming trip."

Mar 17th: I double check on the CURT website. CONFIRMED. All looks good. I send to myself again the confirmation

Mar 18th: I go to the airline website to review my seats, and it throws an error that the the reservation is cancelled. I follow up with CURT. I spend HOURS with different agents of CURT. The ticket was never actually confirmed by the airline, I was told, so the airline cancelled. The agents followed the ""placate customer/insert empathy here" script with painfully identical repetition. We're so sorry we didn't tell you. Here's 15k points.

I was told that the fare class was no longer available. "I bought a business class seat, and business class seats are still for sale."

We cannot do that, I heard again and again. I pointed out that each confirmation email stated:
"A small number of air carriers may require us to confirm flight availability when booking. If there is any issue with availability, a travel representative will contact you within 24 hours to make alternate flight arrangements at no additional cost."

Mind you I had nearly $1,000 in connected travel that was at risk.

Finally they bring in a fixer who warns me that the fare is available for another day but will sell out soon. Pressure. At this point it's 4AM and I've been on the phone for nearly 3 hours with some breaks. I am weakened, worn down, panicked and frustrated. In defeat I accept the new travel dates and ask about being compensated for the value of now useless associated bookings. The agent said she would file a complaint, but that it was only to internally point out a process failure. She advised I call the number on the back of the card if I wanted to pursue this further or obtain the contact info for legal.

After the fact, I feel so used and manipulated. This was a horrible experience, and I am dreading the hours I might spend on the phone again pursuing remedy.

What are my rights here? What is CURT's obligation and liability?

I really needed to get this off my chest. Thanks.
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Was it ever actually Ticketed? Confirmed and Ticketed are two different things.

Unfortunately, I dont have any further advice. Using a 3rd party travel agent like this is oftentimes problematic and why I will only book via the airline directly.
When things go wrong, it becomes a real hassle.
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