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Skiplagged Int'l codeshare domestic flights -- are they OK?

Skiplagged Int'l codeshare domestic flights -- are they OK?

Old Feb 26, 20, 1:12 pm
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Skiplagged Int'l codeshare domestic flights -- are they OK?

Looked at Skiplagged for a 1-way domestic flight JFK-SJC on Dec 19 -- Saturday before X-Mas, so most flights are in the $460+ range.

Got a flight (popping up late after the weird "delay") that was $168 only it was a split itinerary with a Korean Air flt JFK-LAS(codeshare on Delta), followed by an Air France LAS-SJC.(codeshare on Delta) Went through a few steps, at least past the annoying "Oh here's a great deal on our main page, but just kidding, we can't book it once you click on it" that websites sometimes do. I couldn't go through to the very end because I didn't have Passport numbers. So I never tried the final booking, but it looked OK so far -- I was able to put in the request for 4 travelers and it calculated just fine. I assume that flight came out of another search engine, but I tried on the SkyTeam website, along with SkyScanner as it said the fare was "found via SkyScanner". I was unable to replicate anywhere, even putting in the exact airlines and flights. It remained on Skiplagged for at least the next few hours.Later I decided against booking and now I see nothing close to that price. (There was also a similar $180 on Dec 18, so it wasn't quite a 1-off).

I'm kicking myself a bit for not at least going through to book it. I'm just not entirely familiar with Skiplagged or similar websites. I understand Hidden City Ticketing and the whole legal-but-airlines-hate-it issue. But there were no hidden cities in this itinerary.

Questions, in case that type of fare comes up again.
  1. Is there usually a 24-hour cancellation for that type of flight? I assume US law applies, but not 100% sure.
  2. Would that flight have likely been fine? Meaning, go through without issue if I'm a fairly experienced traveler.
  3. Would Delta have flagged us for either flight? For the international codeshare-domestic issue, mainly. I would not have put our FF numbers in early, but assumed I'd ask for FF credit post flights.
  4. Would Delta have checked Passports each time? -- I was wondering if e-tickets could have been issued, or if they would have to be paper.
  5. Could PNRs be linked?
  6. If the first flight was late, I assume we had no protection on the 2nd one, but it was a 2-hr connection. I was hoping to be able to e-checkin for the 2nd one, mainly, and not go back out through security.
  7. Other problems we might have encountered? Would a US credit card have possibly been an issue when booking?
I did do a search first, but couldn't find this issue, or even that much around Skiplagged in general. Anybody do similar flights, and think I was worried over nothing? I was wondering if it is like Priceline for hotels -- annoying, lots of gotchas, but there can be some serious savings.
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