Budgetair refund issue

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Budgetair refund issue

Hello all,

Wondering if anyone has any experience with budgetair or can help advise me on my situation.

I bought a Phillippine Airlines ticket from KUL-MNL-KUL with budgetair.co.uk, however whilst in Malaysia became very ill and on receiving a doctor note was told not to fly. I therefore missed the flight, I was too ill to phone up and cancel the flight beforehand, I literally could barely walk or talk for a few days.

Phillippine Airlines however have been very understanding, and despite the ticket being non refundable, have agreed to issue me with a full refund. They however said they cannot refund me but will have to refund budgetair.co.uk the money who should then refund me.

Budgetair.co.uk have been awful to deal with. They do not reply to their emails at all and it takes a good 45 minutes to get through to them on the phone. When I do eventually get through I just get conflicting advice, and today the guy even just hung up on me as evidently he could not be bothered to deal with this. I am rapidly getting to the point where I do not think budgetair are going to give me my refund.

What avenues do I have left? I do have experience of the UK small claims court system and the ticket was purchased from Budgetair.co.uk in pound sterling. However budgetair.co.uk is the brand name of a Dutch company based in Amsterdam so I am not entirely sure how to go about pursuing them legally.

I thought I would give them one more opportunity, by sending them a formal letter and complaint to their registered office in the Netherlands, threatening legal action if I do not hear anything in 14 days.

Basically thought I would also ask if anyone here has experienced similar or has any advice or suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

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I hope you are fully recovered.

Phillipines Airline agreeing to refund you is a great first step.

I'd recommend contacting Budgetair on social media.

Another option is to contact them using this service
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