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Expedia charging $600 to change my flight and claiming it's the airline's fees

Expedia charging $600 to change my flight and claiming it's the airline's fees

Old May 21, 19, 2:41 pm
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Expedia charging $600 to change my flight and claiming it's the airline's fees

I asked my employer to book a flight directly through Condor Airlines and for some reason the idiot doing the booking (who has since been fired for messing people's travel itineraries up) booked through Expedia. Now, I want to change my flight to one the same airline (Condor) but on a different date and flying into a different city, which is actually a cheaper flight and more than two weeks away. I called and the person on the phone said it's a $600 fee - she said that's the change fee for that ticket. I called Condor and they said their change fee $100. How on earth can Expedia charge $600 just to change my flight? The flights I am looking at are also Condor flights, and they actually cost less. Is there any way around a $600 change fee? That seems absolutely insane and unfair. I'm also frustrated because there was no reason for my employer to book through Expedia - I gave her the direct link to book on Condor's website. What do I do? Have you ever heard of Expedia charging $600 to change a flight?

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Old May 25, 19, 9:53 pm
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I was being quoted a similar amount to change a BA booking which was made on the airline's website... apparently the fare codes and ticket conditions. This might be at play here in your situation. And/or it could be just the fees Expedia can charge and somewhere in their terms & conditions it will say as much.
Can understand your frustration though with now ex-employee using a third party rather thsn booking direct with the airline as you directed. I had a similar issue when my PA would book my work flights. I relieved my PA of this responsibility and do my own bookings now- we are both happier with this arrangement.
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Old May 25, 19, 10:04 pm
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Start by finding your fare code and checking the fare rules.

Expedia night have sold you a bulk or consolidator ticket, which would have different (generally worse) change fees, if it can be changed at all.
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Old May 26, 19, 5:48 am
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This is a question which can't be answered with the information provided by OP. Generally, there are three costs: the carrier's fee, the OTA's fee, and a fare difference. Often, it is the third which may be the most.

In order to figure out why Expedia wants $600, you will need to call Expedia and ask to have that number broken down for you. You will also need to look at the terms & conditions you (your employer) agreed to. Was there an Expedia fee on top of Condor's? If so, how much?

If you really cannot reconcile this, the only solution is to do a three-way call with Condor and Expedia. That may or may not fix the problem. but at least it will isolate where it is.
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