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Using OTA

Whenever you use an OTA always be sure you get the ticket#. Soon after booking use the Airline Confirmation Code to go onto the airlines website to see that it has been ticketed. Once it has been ticketed then go ahead and select your seats, enter in your Known Traveler Number, Frequent Flier# and other request and have a copy of your E-Ticket Receipt Emailed to you with the Ticket# and Confirmation#.

Remember if an OTA asks for anything else than a credit card move on. And also do your research and make sure that you can get a hold of your OTA if there is a problem before or during your travels. Be sure to store their phone number in your Cellphone Contacts .

If you feel its a shady website then move on. Just because you see an OTA on an aggrigator website does not always mean they are reliable. Even if you have to pay more to book directly with the airline or another OTA then do it so you don't end up with a cancelled reservation or a reservation that has not been paid for.

Within 24 hours you should have a ticket# but still call the OTA soon after you book your flight to confirm that everything is OK and then followup with a call to the airline to ensure that they have the same itinerary as you and that its in the queue to be ticketed or has been ticketed. Also print off all pages you get after booking from the OTA as well as the itinerary before you enter in the traveler details and payment information.

Especially when booking with a consolidator be sure you are 100 percent sure you can take the flight. I use TrustPilot and read other review websites and usually the poor reviews are from customers who bought a ticket they really did not want and want to get out of paying the stupid tax or change fees.

It also helps to have another person with you when booking to catch any errors like name spellings, itinerary and ten have them review the details soon after booking in case of a mistake.

Be sure that all flight connections are doable. If you are booking a seperate ticket to save money and its not on a partner airline be sure that you build in enough time for the connection and transfer of bags or an overnight.

I hope this reminder helps you when you use an OTA! 99 percent of issues is either user error or they failed to confirm and reconfirm everything or they wait until its too late to make a change. If the OTA is a shady operation then you have to act quickly to dispute the charge.

Some OTAs make it look really good and then they steal your personal information and credit card or take the money and do not even pay the airline or ticket the reservation. Remember a Confirmation Code is not enough you need a ticket# too and preferably seat assignments and attach a Frequent Flier Account# to avoid issues.

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