Kayak vs. Google vs. airline website

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Kayak vs. Google vs. airline website

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but this seems rather simple.

Normally I use kayak to get an average price (what can I expect) and then usually try to book via the airline website directly (obviously southwest isn't on the list).

In this case, I was looking for:
ALB to PVR on 12/1/18 in First
PVR to ALB on 12/12/18 in First
(Roundtrip, BTW).

Kayak came back with some ridiculous pricing (lowest fare) of like $1300+ for "best deal"

I figured, well, maybe I'll try this fancy Google Flights.
So I put in the same dates, etc.
Google comes back with "best deal" of $989

OK, so Kayak is "odd" and google is better.

I check the google one and it's got a really odd itinerary (IMO):

So I check United's website directly.
There's a cheaper fair of $938 (well there was when I checked), and it's shorter (gets into PVR at 1:50 p.m. whereas the google one gets in at like 2:44 p.m.)
But the itinerary is:

So just wondering if this was normal, or am I not putting in the searches correctly? I'm just putting in dates and destinations on all 3 sites.

what's slightly more disturbing is that the Google results don't show the flight that United does at all.
I've booked the United one directly, for what it's worth, I guess we'll see if they change the routing to go through IAH or not.

I guess from now on I'll be checking the individual airlines sites directly (more time consuming).

Or is my "google-fu" needing a training lesson? LOL!
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Not really specifically answering your question....but strangely I found a united flight on google with good price (J)
but could not duplicate it on going to United’s site directly (to check it). When I relooked at google flights saw a link for the flight on United’s website. Took me to the flight I was looking at and I booked it. So strange I could not see that same flight by just going to United.
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First class

i run into this a lot on PVR flights. I think the problem is that Google and Kayak donít know how to search the correct class. J to PVR is sometimes domestic first and sometimes international business so it gets confused. The ORD direct to PVR usually flys 2xs a day so the routing you booked could be valid. At least that is my guess as I book the United ORD to PVR quite a bit.
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