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Orbitz hotel booking - flawed process cost me $200

Orbitz hotel booking - flawed process cost me $200

Old Nov 23, 17, 1:45 pm
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Orbitz hotel booking - flawed process cost me $200

I booked a hotel with Orbitz and found out (the hard way) their process is inadequate. I wanted to cancel, but could not because I didn't get the confirmation (due to a typo in my e-mail). They do NOT use a "confirm your e-mail" box - how strange for a company that relies on this data!
I paid the no-show fee, and then was able to find the booking from the hotel, and go back to Orbitz. They were sorry about "our not user-friendly website" - can you believe that?! Their main business product is not user-friendly.

They could not tell me what they do when a confirmation "bounces" due to a erroneous e-mail - they certainly did not call the number to clear it up.

There's no way I can press this except thru arbitration - so a warning to all: keep a copy of your itinerary number because that may be all you ever get.
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Old Nov 25, 17, 6:25 am
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Sorry that happened to you, but you misspelling your email is not exactly a "flawed" or "inadequate" process - in other words, it's not the equipment, it's the operator.

Frankly, I'm happy when I see a website that doesn't need me to re-type something like an email address. If I'm not willing to check and make sure I've spelled everything correctly, then that's on me, not on the website. Having to re-type it (or even use copy/paste) is an annoyance in my opinion.

Did you try calling Orbitz or were you only using emails? Sometimes calling (and asking for a supervisor if necessary) is the best way to get what you need done.

Next time you book through a third party (which I do frequently - Priceline and Hotwire mainly), save a screenshot of the confirmation page so that you have everything you need in case you need to cancel. I even print the confirmation page and bring it with me to the hotel as an added safety measure in case something weird happens there.
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Old Nov 26, 17, 9:48 am
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I always leave the confirmation page open until I get the email, and if it doesn't come in a couple minutes I take a screenshot and follow up later.

But I agree, I don't see how you misspelling your email address is Orbitz' problem.
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Old Nov 26, 17, 10:46 am
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This is 100% OP's fault. It is not Orbitz's job to do the customer's job. In particular, if there is no email confirmation requirement, that is a red flag to triple check your work.

While a screen shot which you save on the desktop and delete once you have the email makes all the sense in the world, you can always jot down the confirmation # before closing the screen or, when you don't receive the email, call Orbitz and track down what happened.
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Old Nov 26, 17, 11:55 pm
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OP made a mistake and couldn't cancel because they didn't have the email link?
OP also seems to not have made an Orbitz account that tracks bookings.
OP also seems to not have called to speak with Orbitz to get the resolution they wanted before the stay.

While I do agree there should be some form of action for rejected emails for confirmations but the onus is on the booker to input correct information & if they want to make a change they have to do more than just look for an email and give up.
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Old Nov 27, 17, 6:00 am
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I fail to see how the OP can blame Orbitz for this. The OP should have checked the email-adr. before completing the reservation.

Anyway, even without a confirmation email it should have been possible to trace the reservation by speaking to Orbitz CS (or calling the hotel to get the Orbitz reference No). Knowing that a reservation was made but doing nothing when the need to cancel arises (and a likely no-show at the hotel) because no conf. email was received, is not a reasonable way to deal with this situation.
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