Anyone have experience with SnapTravel ?

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Bottom line is that there are enough experienced travelers here who have had bad experiences to mean that these people should be avoided at all costs.

Rather than trying to convince yourself that it will all be OK, go into this with eyes wide open and understand that you may be in for a stressful and expensive process which may or may not yield at least partial satisfaction.
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No response

Originally Posted by snaptravel View Post
Count me in the camp of having a terrible experience. I checked this thread before booking and decided to risk it. Big mistake. Just arrived to my hotel to find they had no record of my reservation. A painful hour of waiting later they told me they actually booked me at a cheaper place down the street instead. So I can take that room or get nothing. And no offer for any refund. Literally the definition of bait and switch.

We are really sorry with your poor experience, this is not how our customers should be treated, would you mind providing your reference number so we can look into this situation and try to resolve it with you. Thanks!
So I did send this account a detailed message with all the info about my situation (arrived at hotel to find out no booking was made for me). No response. And I'll say generally that the customer service via both phone and text has been notably unhelpful. They keep telling me that, for some reason, it isn't up to them whether or not they can issue a refund and that they have to get approval from some of their business partners. I've asked if they can explain the process, the timeline, or what I should expect and they've told me they can't tell me anything else because of "security issues." I do try to give the benefit of the doubt, but this is getting pretty absurd. I'll update if things change, but this will either go down as a total loss or, if they do manage to issue any refund, as a notably difficult customer service experience after a big failure on their end.
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SnapTravel is a HARD NO. They don't seem to have any direct link to hotel inventory and are reselling rooms from third-party wholesalers, and apparently very bad ones. Accordingly, their customer service is deplorable and they don't know anything and can't do anything other than say they will "check with their supplier and get back to you". I booked a room with them and it never showed up with the hotel itself. Went back and forth for quite a while and in the end gave up and cancelled. Company may have offices in Canada and U.S. but all their support is overseas and every time you contact them you will get a different person with bad English and a fake name. I have heard they are using Chinese wholesalers and this seems likely based on the rate of errors and problems. There is no follow up and you will go round and round. Unless you enjoy that sort of thing, keep in mind that this is the bottom of the barrel for hotel booking, similar to what Amoma used to do. When you see their lower rates advertised, move on. Definitely not worth the few bucks they might save you if you luck out. Like playing Russian Roulette with your travel plans.
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Hi gil123, it seems like you had a poor experience using our service. I'm not sure your source for the information you provided but that is simply not true. If you would like, feel free to reach out to us with any issues you have as we are available 24/7. Thanks.
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Ya right. You can claim what I say is untrue but the long string of SnapTravel agents I dealt with all mentioned a "travel partner" so it is clear you are not selling rooms that you book with the hotels directly like the reputable OTAs. You are selling rooms booked by a wholesaler, a third party. It's more than a bit ridiculous that my experience with your company, like so many on this thread, was terrible, and yet you post a response as if all we need to do is "reach out" and you will take care of it. That's the point, I did try over and over to get SnapTravel to resolve my issue, but they wouldn't. I was one of the lucky ones because I cancelled before my trip was ruined because you took my money and confirmed my room but the "travel partner" never booked and confirmed my room.. So many others had less luck and didn't realize until they got to the hotel. That's why it's great to have sources of honest feedback and disclosure like FT. In fact, if you take a look at the reviews on TrustPilot, you will see dozens and dozens of one-star reviews by customers who had very similar experiences to mine. They are of course buried by a huge pile of fake five-star reviews posted by SnapTravel (TrustPilot is notorious for that) to give a good overall average rating. If you scroll through and look at the history, you will see the same very obvious pattern: a real user posts a terrible, one-star genuine review and then SnapTravel immediately buries it with 10 or 20 fake, ridiculous and meaningless reviews. Virtually nothing in between real one stars and fake five stars. Obviously they use people to monitor social media and try to counter the correctly earned negative feedback. I wonder what would happen if instead of using their resources to do that the company discontinued the practices that led to all the negative feedback in the first place.

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I was apprehensive about snaptravel when i was first looking at rates, and found this thread. Just thought i'd come back post-trip to report everything went well for me at an all-inclusive in Mexico. I emailed the hotel shortly after making my booking, they said they had it, and there were no problems when i arrived at the property. I'd definitely use snaptravel again.
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HI htj, we are so glad that you had an awesome experience using our service! Enjoy the rest of your day and hope to hear from you again soon, thanks.
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