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747_not_777 Aug 28, 19 2:37 pm

London to Darwin... options?
So some of my family now live in Darwin, NT - and my parents want to visit a few times a year from London. But they want to use BA for as much of the flying as possible, having GGL status.

This time they are flying LHR - SYD with BA, and back up to Darwin on Qantas. Seems a bit crazy given they are only 4-ish hours from Darwin when they are in Sydney. But they donít fancy paying for a 4hr flight on a budget airline or non-OneWorld flights.

But are are there better options out there? Any genius ideas?

croberts134 Aug 28, 19 2:54 pm

Well, not counting the twice weekly Donghai Airlines flight to Shenzen, DRW only has non-Australia service to SIN and DPS.

Since, they've ruled out LCC or non-Oneworld flights, they have ruled out SIN and DPS.

If they want to minimise their time on an LCC, then they could fly LON to DPS and buy a ticket on JQ since DPS-DRW is only 2 hours 40 minutes versus 4+ hours from SIN.

Dave Noble Aug 28, 19 3:19 pm

Jetstar is hardly much different to Qantas - it would make so much more sense to fly to Singapore and then fly down to Darwin from there rather than fly 8 hours to Sydney and then 4 hours to Darwin

Book row 1 on Jetstar and I would rate it better choice than economy on Qantas. The only thing that they are really missing is lounge access and that can be purchased at lounges in Singapore if they want to - Save the 3800 miles detour

Mwenenzi Aug 28, 19 3:29 pm

As above doing anything other that LHR-SIN-DRW is a little silly. A lot of extra time & cost
However Jetstar flight 3K161(QF5434) is at a very unsociable time of 23:05 to 05:10
The Silkair light may have better schedule

Great Circle Mapper

The Silkair flght lands at 00:40, so better timing

wandering_fred Aug 28, 19 7:46 pm

The Jetstar flight from DPS is also a red eye.

Just wandering

christep Aug 28, 19 9:42 pm

How about Cathay to Cairns then Jetstar to Darwin? That's only 2h35m on Jetstar.

Dave Noble Aug 28, 19 9:56 pm

Originally Posted by christep (Post 31468476)
How about Cathay to Cairns then Jetstar to Darwin? That's only 2h35m on Jetstar.

That still requires about an extra 4 hours of flying ( not as awful as Sydney ) plus the additional time required for a 2nd stop enroute

The HKG-CNS flight looks like it stops at end of November and is only 1 day a week until then (Saturday) - there is no CNS-DRW flight by JQ on a Sunday , but there is one with Air North ( but with a 7:20 wait in CNS ) - I think that they would have a quicker journey going via Sydney

I think the best thing that the OPs relatives can do is remove the OneWorld blinkers and look at what makes most sense to get to DRW

747_not_777 Aug 29, 19 12:56 am

Interesting replies, and does flag the limited options for DRW.

The point currently is that they can fly to DRW, via SYD, entirely on Avios every time. Most other options above look like incurring fare costs... Such a shame there's no Qantas flights connecting DRW with other parts of Asia...

Thanks for the replies, and I'll flag this thread to them,

christep Aug 29, 19 1:31 am

For the way back, the all-Qantas one-stop option is DRW-PER-LHR which is a pretty good (1h40) connection in PER on 3 days per week. Not great connections in the LHR-DRW direction though.

nancypants Aug 29, 19 4:30 am

Darwin unfortunately cops a lot of red eyes and LCC

as others have said row 1 on jetstar is just fine. Buy a Max bundle and youíll also get baggage, a meal and ability to earn QFF points which may be useful if you keep them alive. Personally I find JQ look after me better than QF 737 crews, especially comparing Y-Y. YMMV

i was going to suggest LHR-PER-DRW also. Could also potentially break it up by doing say LHR-DOH-PER-DRW. World is your oyster

I probably wouldnít waste my time with TL. They have ongoing reliability issues and partner with no one useful in this instance

Cathayís service to cairns is indeed ending. Iím not sure going via say BNE/ADL (4 hour QF domestic either way) would be much more useful although it would make Avios a possibility

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