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Which [OW hub] airports have you been to many times but never exited?

Which [OW hub] airports have you been to many times but never exited?

Old Feb 4, 19, 4:34 am
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Which [OW hub] airports have you been to many times but never exited?

Next week will be the first time I actually exit JFK as far as I can remember. I've been through JFK airport for connections several times a year in the last decade or so where OW has been my preferred alliance, but oddly I can't recall ever having left airside except to change terminals. I've been into NY city several times but always via EWR or overland from elsewhere. (I think this reveals I don't work in the finance sector!) It was similar for DFW and ORD - years of connecting through DFW or ORD several times a year before I had reason to actually leave the airport and visit Dallas or Chicago, although both of those streaks were broken (i.e., I exited) many years ago now.

So for a fun thread, which of the OW hub airports have you visited many times for connections but where you have never actually left the airport? How many non-exiting-visits has your run stretched to?
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Old Feb 4, 19, 4:44 am
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I imagine on the BA board - DOH features quite high up the list
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Old Feb 4, 19, 4:45 am
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CLT for me! Been through many times (cannot remember how many times), but it is usually when going up or down the East Coast.

It is telling that CLT is home to my favourite airport burger restaurant - Bad Daddys Burger Bar in Concourse C. I visit every time I transit CLT provided I have enough time to spare, and it never fails to deliver But still never made it to Charlotte itself....
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Old Feb 4, 19, 4:59 am
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I was flying from BHD to an airport in the north of England (can’t remember which one) and because of fog at our destination we stopped at Ronaldsway and decanted into the (then) Manx Airlines departure lounge for about four hours to wait for the fog to lift.

Coincidentally, I going to IOM from LCY next week where I’m expecting to leave the airport “properly” some 25/30 years late...
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Old Feb 4, 19, 5:01 am
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Originally Posted by rossmacd View Post
CLT for me! Been through many times (cannot remember how many times), but it is usually when going up or down the East Coast.
It would have been CLT for me too, except last year I had a bad weather irrop there and ended up in some extra soul-less Holiday Inn a few miles away for the night. The burger tip is hereby added to my list. A wonderful airport, mind. I was about to say DFW but I have been to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo a few times - not a place for the faint of heart! Doha I have visited a few times. So I think mine is ANU - my many trips to Antigua have been confined to the airport.
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CLT, PHL and SIN, although the alter I have visited by sea.
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Old Feb 4, 19, 5:03 am
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Would have to say DOH as the most frequent.

But ........ more specifically, that applies only in the case of the (relatively) new HIA and during the lifespan of the OW alliance (so, as per the question ... I think !?)
I have spent time in the country in the more distant past, including a three month spell working there.

In an odd way, I generally ‘resent’ touching down at an airport but not then seeing (even a little of) what lies beyond.
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Old Feb 4, 19, 5:05 am
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TP visits many times now, never even left the airport!
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Old Feb 4, 19, 5:10 am
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Lome in Togo. LFW is the code.

Lived and worked in Gabon for four years and made monthly trips to our bases which included Abidjan, Cotonou and Accra. Used to fly back to Libreville on Air Afrique which stopped in Lome. Never got out. Ever.
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Old Feb 4, 19, 5:25 am
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I wouldn't say it's "many" but I've flown into MAN several times for mileage run reasons and never left the airport. I've only travelled to Manchester (the city) by ground transport.

If it's airports I've only left once but transited through many times, then I've only left DFW once, to visit the AA museum which is just outside the airport perimeter.
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DOH, by a distance. Next up would be DFW. Not a OW hub, but also connected in GRU numerous times before eventually exiting the airport, frankly I’d be happy if that streak were still running (enjoyed everywhere else I’ve visited in Brazil).
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FRA And Zurich
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Old Feb 4, 19, 5:43 am
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I would have said GRU until the other day I came across a picture of the hotel we stayed at when having an overnight connection there. I remember nothing about it.

The only one I'm 100% sure about is BHX.
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Back in the early nineties, when KIX first opened, SK was one of the few European airlines flying there. Consequently, I flew LHR-CPH-KIX several times and CPH remains the only airport I haven’t exited from.
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