Free Australian ETA Visa application*

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Free Australian ETA Visa application*

** Due to SABRE upgrade, I am unable to process any ETAs until further notice. *** Please allow at least 2 weeks for me to reply to PMs. Not 2 weeks prior to your travel as I am not on FT very often *

I would like to offer my services of processing Australian ETAs for free * to FT members (and up to 3 more friends & family) who have more than 80 posts, AND have at least been members for more than 12 months!

** The reason why the minimum posts or being regular FT members were because people obviously have heard about this 'free' offer through online searches etc and they just join FT to take advantage of this. Then they don't come back !

Sorry to be tough but there will be NO exceptions. FT is about community sharing.. and we would encourage people to join FT because of FT and not just so that they can get a 'free' ETA ! It doesn't matter if you've been 'lurking' all these times either !
(Please READ the entire post before you PM me )

You may be aware that the ETAs are generally charged (about US$20) by most airlines and other visa processing services including the Australian ETA, but I will not charge you. Might I suggest you "Pay it Forward" instead?
================================================== ==========
You may perhaps by making a donation (of equivalent at least to the number of ETA applications you want me to process) to the local Humane Society, or some other charitable donation of your choice. Do something different. Its not about the money, but rather setting your intentions to do good, to make a difference in the world we live in today ! ..

================================================== ===========
And then please POST your what you did or what you will be doing on this thread here so that others may feel motivated to do something similar.

The visas are valid one year from date of issue, are multiple entries with a validity of 3 months per entry. Visas normally processed are for vacation only and can only be processed for a select number of nationalities . Certain business visas may also be processed. See below *

Free ETAs are limited to 4 (FOUR) persons only. If 'over', may I please suggest that you at least double or triple your "Pay It Forward" contribution ?
Visitor ETAs can only be processed for the following applicable passport holders:


EUROPEAN Passport Holders (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland) must apply for an 'eVisitor' pass themselves, which has no fee for this service. Please go this site:

*If you're going to Australia for any sort of business related travel - ie conduct business meetings, give talks, lectures etc. (But you must NOT be PAID for your service*) .. you have to get a business ETA or eVisitor pass. Details are as follows:

*If you're going to be paid for your services, ie lectures, talks.. you must apply for a temporary work visa which must therefore be applied at your nearest Australian Embassy / High Commission.

All other passport holders must apply directly at the nearest Australian Embassy / High Commission / Consulate.

Although this is free to you, it isn't to me as its very time consuming to do this. I would appreciate your time and patience and please do not expect me to answer your PM pronto as I'm not on FT everyday.

Do NOT give me your passport info when you PM me. I will get back to you as to what info I need. I only ask that you check your passport validity is more than 6 months to date of expiry. So as to avoid problems, I ask that you get a new passport before applying.

Please note that I will only process your ETAs after you post your deed on this thread. - Whether you've done it or intend to do.

Thank you!

* Please note that I will NOT process ETAs within 30days of travel ! It's because that I am not on FT very often for me to read PMs and then to message emails back and forth, that I cannot respond in time etc. There might be exceptions but due to the complicated information required by the Australian Authorities, it is best if you apply for these yourself as I cannot be held responsible for late and last minute requests. Previous applicants are exempted.

Thank you for your understanding !

** UPDATES - Please read below

1) ** May I request that any monetary "Pay It Forward" donations be geared towards animal charitable foundations, homeless shelters or where it matters to humanity. I would prefer this ETA "Pay It Forward" donation not be included as alms towards your religious organisation or to large charities like UNICEF. Its the small communities that can benefit from your donations. This is the reason I am doing this. Small steps. **

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A most excellent offer. Thanks for your generosity.
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stellar service

I took Guy Betsy up on this offer and I had my visa overnight!
Fun, friendly, Pay if Forward-great idea...

Thanks so much....

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Wow, what a nice deed! Too bad I already applied for them for my trip next month, but this is very very kind of you!
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Is there any other countrys passports other than new zealand passport that you dont need to get a visa as they just give it to you at customs for free when you arrive in aussie.
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Australia & NZ passports no visa required (it isnt given on arrival - there is no visa). Everywhere else needs one.
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I'm three weeks too late!! What a nice offer, Guy Betsy.
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Thanks, GB, yhpm
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I suspect you are going to be a very busy person given the latest Mileage Run deal.
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Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
I suspect you are going to be a very busy person given the latest Mileage Run deal.
I was just about to post that. Damn, beat me to it.
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Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
I suspect you are going to be a very busy person given the latest Mileage Run deal.
Probably not since with a C fare people can get it free from UA.
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Let's keep discussion to GuyBetsy's kind offer to process Australian visas for FTers. I've just deleted some posts that might be interesting on another thread, but are not relevant to the purpose of this one.

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Do we need the australian visa is we're connecting via SYD to Auckland? I wasn't sure. I'm 1K on UA, so they'll do it for me for free - thank you Guy Betsy for your offer, though
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If you stay airside then no need for visa.
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The whole point of doing the ETAs for free is that I wish that the fee where one would otherwise have paid in getting the visas done be directed towards a good cause.

That good cause would preferbly be in some charitable donation up to (and over if you like) the cost of what each ETA would be. (ie US$12) But it could also be something as simple of doing something wonderful for someone you don't know. It does not have to be for someone here on FT. For example, giving a systemwide voucher for the sake of giving it away - and not because it is expiring in 10 days!

Doing something because you got it for free anyway doesn't count... One of the first offers of generosity of "Passing it Forward" came from jberry, who offered to donate $20 to Native Animail Rescue. She also does volunteer work in helping "untangling fishing line, rope and things from pelicans and pigeons with Native Animal Rescue... "

Now that was really something...

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