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gladstoneyoung Oct 24, 06 12:10 am

Tasmania and Children
After any personal recommendations people have for sights to visit in Tasmania during the summer that would be of particular interest for children. They range in age from 15 to 4.


hobarthoney Oct 24, 06 8:14 pm

Plenty to see and do.

Port Arthur: A special place to live and the guides have some great stories to tell. If the kids miss behave lock them in the solitary confinement cells for a few minutes and they will be good for the rest of the day ;)

Cadbury Factory: You can do a tour of the factory which may be a little boring for you but kids seem to love it and it is interesting.

Tahune Airwalk: Walk 100 meters up in the air amongst the trees. It is very safe but you do have to like heights!

Taste of Tasmania and Salamanca markets: In the summer around Salamanca there is the "Taste" which is like a food fair with lots to see and do plus the Sydney to Hobart boats will be around wich adds to the atmosphere around the docks. Also the kids will have a good time at the markets

Cascade Factory: Sure the kidís canít drink the beer but they do also make fruit drinks and the tour is a great thing to do. Make sure you book ahead as the tours fill up quickly also from there you can drive up to Mt Wellington which is amazing.

You will have a great time. Enjoy

im-headed-west Oct 24, 06 8:32 pm

I agree with the above post. Went to and enjoyed Port Arthur, Cadbury Factory, and Salamanca markets. I also enjoyed very much driving to the top of Mount Wellington. The view is great from the top though I found the drive to be a little white knuckled for me ... the driver as the road is a bit narrow.

QF NB Oct 26, 06 9:31 am

Haven't had the pleasure of visiting Tasmania yet and don't know much about the place, but I've noticed you can also get those Smartvisit cards - See>Tasmania. Perhaps there is something you can find on there for the kids?

On an unrelated matter, just had a look at Hobart's weather forecast for FRI 26th OCT:

Forecast for Friday :

Showers developing and becoming frequent at times with possible hail later. Snowfalls to low levels about the mountain and possibly the higher suburbs at night. Becoming colder with moderate to fresh west to southwest winds.

Precis: Showers and mountain snow. Min 08 Max 12

Yikes :eek:

Enjoy your time there...

TIMP Oct 26, 06 4:56 pm

Yes it is a tad cold down here this morning...... Though the sun has just decided to grace us with its presence.

As for things to see and do. There is what others have suggested, but there is also the Museum - the Antartica exhibit is really geared towards kids with lots of hands on stuff.

There are some great skate parks etc if your older one is into that type of thing.

When exactly are you coming? Schools go back mid/late Feb so until then you will be dealing with crowds. There are some great walks in Mt Wellington, and the older ones may enjoy the Wellington descent which is mountain bikes DOWN Mt Wellington run by a tour company.

If you feel like taking a couple of days to drive up the Midlands highway from Hobart to Lonnie there is a great interactive trail/mystery for kids in a book...cant remember the name off hand, but will post it when I find it.

Woolmers at Longford (about a 2 hour drive up north) is fascinating - its a colonial house which has been left exactly as the last owner left it when he died. There are also huge gardens and lots of outsheds and things to explore.

Fruit Picking at Sorrell fruit is great fun - apples and pears should be out in the summer, along with some of the stone fruits. There is a lovely cafe out there as well.

If you give me an idea of what dates you are here, I can suggest some things.

gladstoneyoung Oct 27, 06 3:01 am

Thanks for the offer Timp. We arrive at Launceston on 18th Dec and drive straight to Hobart the following day (it's a long story thanks to Jetstar), visit Cadbury's and then start a two week sojourn around the island, leaving pm 3rd January.

gladstoneyoung Nov 11, 06 1:23 am

Were you able to come up with any further ideas, Timp?

TIMP Nov 12, 06 12:34 am

Ok, if you are driving from Lonnie to HBA make a day of it and do the Skulduggery trail. Its designed for kids and apparently alot of fun.
Port Arthur is great. If you have 2 weeks I'd suggest taking it rather slow and just wandering. Check that the Cab factory will be open - I know they do close over the holidays. Do you have accomadation booked? or are you winging it?
Are you basing yourself in Hobart or somewhere else?
Richmond is a fun distraction, there is a maze there and a really nifty model village.....and I must admit the Barilla Bay/Cambridge Putt n Play is kind of fun.
If you are flying out from HBA there is the taste of Tassie from the 28th to the 3rd Jan along with the street festival etc etc. I actually love hobart during the week between christmas/new year and am bummed I couldnt get a flight back from my parents for it.
I'm still thinking about things to do - If you are doing the grand tour - Sheffield has some amazing murals, Dismal Swap past Smithton at Marrawah (far NW coast) has a great slide down to a a labyrinth type thing. The Tahune air walk is fun, and Hastings caves has a naturally heated pool. Tesselated pavement on the way to port Arthur is pretty. If your kids like bush walking etc there are some nice ones at Mt Fields (pay per car) and Cradle Mountain (of course).
If you have any more questions drop me a PM.

gladstoneyoung Nov 17, 06 10:31 pm

Thanks TIMP and everyone else for your input.

Has anyone got an opinion on how good Seahorseworld is?


TIMP Nov 18, 06 6:27 pm

The one at Beauty Point? I think there may be a similar one at Stanley as well.
AFAIK (never having been there despite having work in Beaconsfield) it has a fairly good rep - am pretty sure it is used as a school excursion for some schools if that helps.
If you head out to the Nut at Stanley its a good hard climb up the top - but the gondaliers may be working - amazing views.
BRING JUMPERS AND RAINCOATS! Its been freaky arsed weather down here lately...and no one knows if/when its going to improve.
I just thought, there may also be plays in the Park (Aladdin) during december...(in the Botanic Gardens).
In Lonnie there is some good stuff around Cataract Gorge, and Penny Royal world is apparently nice is a kitsch sort of way. (not much use but the Stillwater Deli is to DIE for...expensive but yummy sandwich fixings).

gladstoneyoung Nov 19, 06 1:31 am

Thanks TIMP, once again. Your help is priceless.
The plays in the park-is that Launceston or Hobart? Is it a council organised event?

The excitement is mounting!!!! One month minus a day and counting.

TIMP Nov 19, 06 3:22 pm

They play is in Hobart Botanic Gardens. Not sure if you will be able to see it as the school season is December and they are saying the public season is in Jan. However Centertainment in the Mall will be able to help! is the website for it.
It is not a council organised event - but iirc it has council support.
The other really nifty thing to do is a Rivulet tour in Hobart (

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