Costco Sydney (Lindcombe)

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Costco Sydney (Lindcombe)

I have a bit of a quirky obsession with Costco so when I travel to countries where there is a Costco, I try to visit them. In fact, I visited (and posted about...See post 73) a trip to Seoul Costco during a layover at ICN.

Had the chance to visit Costco Sydney last week. Full disclosure, I neither work for Costco nor do I get any sort of compensation from them. Just a lad who loves his Costco Membership!!

We took the train from Central to Lindcombe train station which took about 45 minutes. Once you tap out the train station, you can take the M92 bus at Stand B. This stand was adjacent to the train station side. The bus takes about 5-8 minutes and was about 5 or so stops. You know youíre there because you will be at the corner of a main highway and a side street. On the way there we passed a slew of Korean restaurants and on the return trip back to the train station, we stopped by a Korean restaurant for dinner.

My friends and I were pretty excited to see what local things they had for sale as well as the food court. Enjoy the pics below.
(note; apologies for the picture order as I am uploading these pics and posting from my phone)

Corner of John St. and the Highway. You will also see a KMart on your left.

The Aussie meat pie was pretty bland.

I tried the corn chowder chicken soup. We shared a hot dog and the Aussie meat pie. Again, bland.

If you get a membership at any Costco, you can use your membership anywhere around the globe!!!

This was obviously not going in our luggage!

Some garden sheds for sale.

The cake designs seem to be the same as the US.

The rotisserie chickens were a little under $4.99 but what a steal!

Iíve never seen coffins/caskets for sale at a us warehouse...only online. Hope I donít have to order one soon!

The frozen foods were a lot more interesting than what we see in the US.

More frozen foods.

They had a separate section for alcohol with their own cashier. Maybe itís a way to keep underaged persons from accessing alcohol?

3 ply toilet paper
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Very interesting.

It reminds me of Australia in general... as a yank, at least.

Everything is familiar- the frame is the same...but as you look closer, its all different. But the same.

I have a thing for hardware stores and lumber yards in foreign countries
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Well, I wasn't expecting this type of tourism. It reminds me of being in Russia and a vendor was selling Matryoshka dolls painted up as American Sports teams. He was making a killing, and he said they sell like hotcakes. I realized what many Americans love to find when they travel is... American stuff. Haha.

Not criticizing (I'm a USA ex-pat), it's just always interesting what other people find interesting!

Australia has some strict rules on who can sell alcohol (even beer), so they likely had to separate the 'bottle shop' from everything else because of that.
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Originally Posted by CPMaverick View Post

Australia has some strict rules on who can sell alcohol (even beer), so they likely had to separate the 'bottle shop' from everything else because of that.
Colorado (and probably other states) Costcos are the same way. Although I just realized I haven't been in a Costco since the laws changed and you can now buy beer in grocery stores.
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When we went to the Melbourne Costco, we found it similar. I thought the Aussie pie was fine. Lots of people ordering it, too. The all pork hot dog was a bit weird, since I’m used to the all beef type.

Did you buy any Crocodile Jerky?
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I love going to supermarkets overseas. They're very interesting. I've never really got the whole Costco obsession and given the traffic in Sydney and the fact I live on the other side of the city to Lidcombe, I can't say I'm in a rush to get out there. Coffins on sale is pretty funny. The ultimate impulse buy!
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Hope you saw the 5kg buckets of Vegemite!
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Note that the store you attended is in the suburb of LIDCOMBE not LINDCOMBE
:D! likes this.
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