Business Visitor visa (subclass 600) - Expedited process?

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Business Visitor visa (subclass 600) - Expedited process?

Hi All,

I'm an Israeli passport holder and US resident.

I've been to Australia a few times in the past for leisure and business activities and held Business Visitor visa (subclass 600).
I have an 'emergency' business trip to Australia on the week of April 12th, about 17 days from now (-2 travel days). I applied to Business Visitor visa (subclass 600) visa on 3/22. The processing time can take anywhere between a min of 7 days for 75% of applications, 90% approx 14 and more than that.

Money isn't an issue here - Is there an expedited process? I couldn't find anything on the web.

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They do have a fast track system but it would not appear to be applicable for your nationality. And you cannot 'add' this service to an existing application.

Most priority services can't be done retroactively. If you had not applied yet, I would have suggested an immigration lawyer, they can apply on your behalf and would know all the ways to expedite the process. Now that you have applied I don't think you have any options, but you could contact a lawyer anyway and ask.

Emails and phone calls can actually delay your application, as they get attached to your application but require manual review. So I wouldn't do those unless a lawyer suggests it may help.

Given your history of visa approvals and the timeline, I personally would do nothing, you should be fine. 90% of visas are approved in the timeline you have, and those with previous visa approvals would generally sail through.
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