Bringing used auto parts into Australia for repair

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Bringing used auto parts into Australia for repair

I know Australia have one of the most strict border controls when it comes to bringing foods, animals and plants into the country.

How about bringing a piece of car part that I want to be repaired? Is it allowed? Should I declare it upon entry?
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In 2016 I bought in 45 kg of new & used prewar parts in from USA as checked luggage. Declared them, as over Au$1000, but no issues and were not inspected or charged duty/GST
Now you may need to declare for GST (sales tax) and/or import duty, but should get $ back if exported out of Australia.
Make sure they do not have soil or wood attached

May not be relevant, but worth a read
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Theres three scenarios here.

One is you have a piece to repair thats in carry on luggage
Two is it is in the hold
Three is you are importing via post.

One and two no dramas, go to the queue thats the longest, thats the something to declare queue.
You be polite and say Ive got this dooverlacky with me and I want to get it fixed here by an expert.
Customs AKA BORDER FORCE will say oooh thats nice, what is it, give it the once over for drugs and wish you a nice day.

If you mail the item, just declare its for repair, no duties no charges. FREE TRADE AGREEMENT IS IN FORCE
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They are on an asbestos crack down now ,
so do not bring brake shoes , clutch discs , head gaskets or anything that might have asbestos ,

From another car guy ....,
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