Mataiva to Tikehau

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Mataiva to Tikehau

Seeing as how sparse the flight schedules are, we can't just plop down on the beach for a week in Mataiva waiting for Air Tahiti to run the next service to anywhere off the island. Is there an option of a boat to Tikehau? Will it be a tad pricey? Yes, it's Tahiti et ses Óles, of course it will. But just wondering how easy it was to get an inter-island boat ride and how much it'll be. Just 2 people, so we can be in one of those smaller ones.
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Welcome to the south pacific. You fit the schedules (and however they may change!), not the other way around.

Other than Moorea, there are no ferries to other islands in FP that I am aware of. If there are any boat options, they would be very slow vessels that are primarily shipping goods, without a fixed schedule. Likely these boats would be island hopping and the travel time may be measured in days, with far less frequency than the flights. A budget option, maybe, but not an option for anyone in a hurry.

I'd probably ask the resort on Tikehau if they have some kind of transport available, that's probably your only option. Please let us know if you find something, as it can be difficult to get information on travel options like this!

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