For those who have been to New Zealand and Thailand

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For those who have been to New Zealand and Thailand

Which would you prefer and why? New Zealand vs Thailand. I can't decide which I like better for vacation. Thanks
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They are so totally different it’s almost impossible to answer and it depends on what you want.

NZ is expensive. Thailand is cheap.

Thailand is resorts, NZ is nature and adventure.

thailand you’ll get pampered and massages are cheap.

NZ has seasons, Thailand is hot or hotter.

NZ has varied scenery and climates,inc snow and mountains. Thailand is tropical.

NZ food is amazing, but it is primarily European-esque. Thailand has great Thai food.
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NZ is English speaking (if that's important) and the people have a (IMO well deserved) rep for being friendly
But I'm biased...I love the place!
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Like BSB said, this is too broad a question. The countries are vastly different. You'll need to research them yourself and decide what you want to do.

Having been to both, I can't really choose a favorite, because it would depend on what I wanted out of the holiday (and how much I had to spend!).

At least narrow down the areas of each country you want to visit, and how long you have to spend there... then maybe people can comment on the pros and cons better.
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What time of year do you have your vacation?
Both places are great but both have some seasonal variations that may impact what you can do...
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Originally Posted by BSBtraveller View Post

NZ is expensive.
NZ can be expensive, if you allow it to be, but so can Thailand. It all depends on the type of trip you take. If you fly down in paid J and stay at hotels the whole time and rent a car and do all the heli trips and tourist journeys, you can rack up a big bill. If you don't, you won't.

My last 10 day trip to NZ cost me and my partner around $5000 US total including air, which included 2 full days of guided fishing at a cost of $1000 US. I am convinced that I could probably go down for 10 days for $2000-$3000 if I really wanted to.

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The attractions in NZ are mostly nature (not man made) while in Thailand it is mostly man-made. Both have merit but I find NZ unique in the world for having such natural diversity (from tropical beaches in the north to temperate rain forest to glaciers in the south). The volcanic region around Rotorua was considered the 8th wonder of the world in the 19th century but those geologic structures have mostly collapsed so you just see a small part of its past glory. Still NZ is one of the great must-see parts of the world. While Thailand is nice and worth visiting but is more of a budget destinations -- though it is entirely possible to spend USD 1000 for dinner in Bangkok these days!
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