Dive site advice given Great Barrier Reef bleaching?

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Dive site advice given Great Barrier Reef bleaching?

First trip. Just starting my research.

Recommended dive sites given bleaching status?



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as you can read in your links, there is significant variability in the extent of the belaching event based on location- geographically north and south; based on currents and ocaean temperatiure and depth of the coral.

If you are DIVING, a decent dive operator will simply chose sites that are deeper and less likely to have been impacted by shallow waters and the heating that can occur in thes areas. Deeper sites, exposed to deeper ocean currents are most likely less impacted.

Flyertalk is probably a poor site for reef advice... are you looking for 'what city should I vist for a base' or is it i'which island?'.

Either of those is where I'd start; then ID opeators and quiz them.
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Thanks. We are diving. Researching dive operators now. Just thought I'd see if anyone had any thoughts on the issue. Thanks again.
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For the GBR, I strongly recommend a live aboard. The good coral is further out (into the Coral Sea). Mike Ball is a good operator. Check out Scubaboard and Undercurrent for better info.
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I second Manneca's comments. A day trip is not going to get you to the best dive sites. Mike Ball is highly recommended, and his boats cover a range of "luxury".
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Thanks for the Mike Ball recommendation. Have sent him our dates.
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(I'm looking to go on my first trip to australia) from my research, there are basically a few types of liveaboards/trips

(others, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, since this is all just research and no actual experience)

1) low cost/cheap
- older/not-as-well-maintained boats
- crew not as experienced, may rotate often (crew gets free room+board+diving in exchange for helping out on boat)
- (noticeable during tripadvisor/... reviews, typically under $300/night or so)

2) luxury (Mike Ball and others)
- well maintained boats, maybe more space/food options, crew is more attentive
- experienced (and likely better paid) crew
- typically over $600/night

3) inbetween these two options

there are different ways liveaboards are organized
  1. depart marina in boat, live in boat for x days, return to marina on same boat. you dive with same people over x days. These liveaboards typically have set schedules (eg: only monday/thursday/sat departures)
  2. depart marina in a transport boat that meets larger boat. stay on larger boat for x days, return on transport boat. Every day, new people come aboard/leave. These liveaboards typically don't have set schedules (can launch every day since transport boat makes same trip everyday)
  3. boat goes from x->y (3 days), y->x (4 days), you can choose to join at x or y (3 or 4 days), or do full trip for 7 days.

aggregator websites are useful to figure out what is available (2 day, or 3 day or..) on which days(M launch only, or wed launch only), if there's introductory dives available(no certificate required), but I'd book on the actual website. Some sites are travel agents/resellers, don't actually organize the trip itself

(not promoting any site, just showing how to simplify your research. mostly cairns, because I'm researching Cairns)

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