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Claritin D into Australia

Weather changes and especially when traveling I cannot function without Claritin D. Will be heading to AU soon and am a little worried about taking it with me as any meds with Pseudoephedrine in it is not OTC like here in the states.

I'll declare it when going through customs, but anyone have any advice? Any experience with meds like this?

Any good decongestant allergy med alternatives in the chance that it gets confiscated?
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Pseudoephedrine is an OTC over here, you just have to show ID to purchase it and you'll often be limited to only a few days worth at a time.

I've never attempted to bring it back in with me but I have had other medicines and just marked them as medicine on my "to declare" sheet. I've never been asked to show them or anything like that.

My suggestion would be to bring it with you (not in any large amount) and just declare it. At worst they'll confiscate it and you can purchase more from a chemist.

My husband gets terrible hayfever and allergies and swears by Telfast (the green one) and Sudafed (although you have to ask specifically for the one with pseudoephedrine or they'll give you the phenylephrine one).
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You can also buy Claratin here (though it is called Claratyne instead, go figure). I think you'll find you can buy more things over the counter in Aus than the US (e.g. Codeine). The Claratyne here does not have Pseudoephedrine in it - but you can buy sudafed which does (make sure you get the right on though as some Sudafed's don't).
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I just say I have prescription meds my doctor previously gave me a prescription for or alternatively I say I have some flu pills or what ever or hay fever pills and they don't bat an eye lid. They are pretty reasonable.
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Originally Posted by ozzie View Post
I think you'll find you can buy more things over the counter in Aus than the US (e.g. Codeine).
There are OTC medications available in Australia that make their US equivalents look like Tic-Tacs. My wife went to a chemist for something to control allergy symptoms. After a brief friendly consult she was given something that could have felled a racehorse. Don't worry too much about bringing Claritin into the country. Much better stuff lies ahead.
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