Here's an idea for NW and DL

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Here's an idea for NW and DL

As a PE who travels internationally a lot, I've looked at all the FF programs after reading a bunch of posts here on NW side. Now maybe I'm missing some basics, but they all seem to be all crazy! As if they all want to say "oh thanks for your loyalty (ahem, money), but you can't do anything with that ticket, gee, sorry".

SO, why don't we just make this nice and simple: Two types of tickets


no Y,F,A,B,C,D,E........
They want to fill planes? Price it fairly.

A lot of the time we FF who are small business owners (ie pay for it ourselves or charge our clients for travel) don't have choices on which tickets we have to buy. We have to travel on set dates and that's it.

They want loyalty? Treat us fairly. Kill the small print and the exclusions and you may just find that we'll fly more!
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