MEM is goota be the worst NW hub

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Originally Posted by Wiley View Post
HA! I've always wondered what type of a person would shop at a duty free store I guess one that won't fly thru MEM.
Smokers. If you watch for the duty free person when an international flight is boarding, he/she is almost always passing out cigarettes and not much else.
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Originally Posted by tvnwz View Post
Who cares.

You CAN get duty-free Barbeque at Interstate and Corky's. And that makes it the best hub!
Agreed. Memphis and the barbeque are two of the big things I am going to miss about NW as I move to CO while NW is being assimilated by the DL Borg. I have always tried to route my TATL flights through Memphis.

And I agree that duty free in the US is a joke.
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Originally Posted by NOLAnwGOLD View Post
There is a foreign exchange place though
. . . but who other than Ma and Pa Kettle use an airport exchange booth, with their always terrible exchange rates / commissions?
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Originally Posted by ADLFO View Post
I actually prefer MEM for some of the reasons already given as well as some unique to me:

1) Decent WC (although I concur that showers would be nice)

2) Excellent BBQ (Neely's Interstate and Corky's)

3) Most of the time, it is centrally located between where I am and where I need to be.

4) If IRROPS break out, enough flights to DTW, MSP, and ATL to generally get me where I need to go in a timely fashion, even if it means a second connection.

5) It ain't the ATL, so as a PM I'm likely getting the u/g.

6) If WX or IRROPS stick me there, I've got a number of friends and family in the area who will pick me up, but I'll call only after I've had some pork sandwiches.
No question that MEM has the best BBQ of any airport around. Still, if you have the time, get away from the airport and go to (the original) Corky's or the Ren, downtown. Some of the best BBQ on the planet, right there. The Ren is one of those BBQ 'bucket list' places, you must visit at least once during your lifetime.

But, as for actually flying in and out, MEM is also a great hub - for an airport of its size - because of its runway structure. Having FedEx's worldwide hub right next door has its benefits...especially during IRROPS.
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We have a section of the board devoted to helping folks construct a "mileage run." Never thought about doing a "duty-free run." Gosh...I've been missing out on the REAL joy of travel all this time!

Guess it depends on whether you are a "Kramer" or a "Costanza"...

Kramer: I'll have a chance to go to the Duty Free shop.

George: The Duty Free Shop? Duty Free is the biggest sucker deal in retail.
Do you know how much duty is?

Kramer: No, I dunno how much duty is.

George: Duty is *nothing*. It's like sales tax...

Kramer: I still like to stop at the duty free shop.

George: I like to stop at the duty free shop.

They start to "sing", growing more excited after each iteration: I like to stop at the duty free shop! I like to stop at the duty free shop!
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Its not as much for price vs USA as convinence and price vs Mexico. We were conncecting to Cancun where a lot of normal liquor are considered import and ridiculously expensive. Yes we can buy before we leave but going to the airprt with 2 bottles is a pain in the .... I just don't see any reason for an international airport not to have duty free shops.

I guess our flight getting delayed twice did add to my frustration.

I did go to inernational bbq and it was delicious, except for having only 3 side choices with the ribbs. I was looking forward to some hush puppies.
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1 reason I would fly out of MEM:

Footlong dog for $2.50
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I liked the Germantown Commissary (off-airport) for BBQ as well. Deviled eggs as one of the sides.
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Originally Posted by baccarat_king View Post
hw711, I "gotta" know -- what precious duty free item were you looking for, that you were not able to procure.

Also, the thread title wins my personal award for funniest of the month.

"MEM is goota be the worst NW hub"

I would say that using the word "gotta" is suspect to begin with...

But, "is goota" --- now, that's really funny.
Maybe the OP was talking about the Dutch cheese, but did not know how to spell it!
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Originally Posted by NOLAnwGOLD View Post
MEM is a simple, easy to connect hub without any frills and the best damn BBQ in any airport!
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Given the current loads of both DL and NW, plus future prospects, projecting MEM's future as an international gateway does not seem positive, and the inevitable trimming and filling involved in the economics of the merger may well threaten its status as a domestic hub. Already, for travelers from the Southwest, non-NWers, fares to MEM are pretty stiff in many cases. I've a destination in 3 weeks between MEM and Jackson, MS requiring a rental car. Both AA and CO will fly me to Jackson for considerably less than MEM (and I made a better deal on a rental there).

The next 12 months are likely to bring substantial, perhaps shocking changes to US (and maybe world) air travel.
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Originally Posted by hw711 View Post
...!! What kind of international airport doesn't have a duty free shop!! I'm never connecting here ever again.

I can see if duty free shopping on departure is important, than that could be an issue, however I never use duty free shopping prior to departure from the US (returning to US is a different story), so for me, a non issue.

Now as others have mentioned, MEM is the best NW hub when it comes to BBQ and yes, when the oppourtunity presents to connect via MEM vs. say ATL, its a no brainer, BBQ wins. - H
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