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Jma12 Dec 29, 08 3:24 pm

DL and NWA points

I am sure this question was probably answered, but I couldn't find it in the previous post. So, I was wondering when will the DL and NWA rewards combine. I heard that it might be early next year. It will be great if someone can clarify for me.

Thanks in advance

Jaimito Cartero Dec 29, 08 9:31 pm

Combine in what way? NW is changing to the 3 tier DL system in mid January. At some point you're supposed to be able to freely transfer from one program to the other. Some have reported being able to do it on a case by case basis already.

The full integration of FF plans will be the last quarter of 2009, I think.

AA-Platinum Dec 29, 08 9:49 pm

New NW Account
Through one of my non-flying programs, I have exhuasted the number of miles that I can transfer to DL in a year. However, I've still have 1,000 transferrable miles. I am thinking of opening a NW account to accept transfer of these miles and then let the account automatically merge with my DL account next year. Does anyone see a problem with this?

Many thanks

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