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Traveling with a Wedding/Bridesmaid's Dress on NW [Merged Threads]

Traveling with a Wedding/Bridesmaid's Dress on NW [Merged Threads]

Old Mar 11, 08, 11:12 am
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Traveling with a Wedding/Bridesmaid's Dress on NW [Merged Threads]

I have a family member who will be flying into DTW this summer to get married and will be traveling with her dress.

Since I'm a nice guy I was planning on using miles to get her a F ticket so she could be up front and get access to the closet to store her dress.

Anyone else have experience traveling with a wedding dress? I assume the closet on the DC-9 or A319/A320 (depends on which flight we book) should be plenty large enough - considering it will be June there shouldn't be many coats.

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Old Mar 11, 08, 11:46 am
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Whaaaa? and give the TSA the opportunity to paw thru it ??
Spend a few buxx on UPS or FedEx -- much less stress.

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Old Mar 11, 08, 11:47 am
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A wise person would FedEx the dress ahead.
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Old Mar 11, 08, 12:05 pm
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I travelled with a friend (both of us in First) with a dress and there were no problems at all using the closet, in the summer. It wasn't a big deal with TSA either. So if you don't want to Fedex, it should be ok. I've also travelled with a full kilt & acoutrements for my husband (it's heavier and bulkier than a wedding dress) in winter, and they were still good about taking care of it in the closet.
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Old Mar 11, 08, 12:07 pm
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I was on a A320 to MBJ last year where they cleared the overhead bins on the right (over rows 1/2/3) to fit a wedding dress.
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Old Mar 11, 08, 12:08 pm
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Have the store or a dry cleaner package the dress and ship it, long enough before-hand to eliminate any potential delay issues. No matter how careful everyone is (and the plane is the least of your worries--taxi, a jittery bride carrying her dress and other bags?), there is just way too much potential for disaster. Ship it.
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Old Mar 12, 08, 10:32 am
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Lightbulb Ship it

The closet will certainly be too short to allow the dress to hang straight, so there is a chance that someone will place a bag on the part laying across the floor.
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Old Mar 12, 08, 1:23 pm
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Just another note on this...regardless of how well the dress is packed it will need to be steamed after being boxed and shipped. Do your friend a favor and find out the name of an excellent cleaner or a bridal shop in the area. When the dress arrives take it to them to be unpacked and steamed out.
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Old May 17, 08, 10:47 am
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Flying BWI-DTW-GRR with bridesmaid's dress?

I'm flying to GRR on Thursday to participate in a wedding. I'm flying BWI-DTW on an Airbus A320, and DTW-GRR on a DC 9-50, both in economy, and I don't have any status FWIW. I have a long bridesmaid's dress that I need to get to MI. Should I take it with me on the plane, and ask that it be hung? Should I just send it via UPS or FedEx instead? I'm thinking that the UPS/FedEx option would just make my life easier, as otherwise I'll spend much of the day shlepping this dress around 3 airports. Any words of advice?
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Old May 17, 08, 10:54 am
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I would think you'd be able to hang it up if you asked nicely when getting on board. At least you'd have it in your possession. Even if you couldn't hang it up, I would think you could lay it out on top of stowed carry-ons so that it wouldn't be smashed.

If you want to send it via UPS or Fedex, I would send it via one of the air services ie 2nd day, next day, etc. And then give yourself an extra day or so if you can. They seem to not lose those as readily as the ground shipments.
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Old May 17, 08, 2:24 pm
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it was a non-stop deal but i schlepped a lovely silk bridesmaid dress to SEA last fall and asked nicely if it could be hung in the closet.

FedEx shipping is fine but you're going to have to fold at least once/twice and you will probably get some wrinkles. i would say it depends how heavy the dress is, how much of a burden it will be to carry it.
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Old May 17, 08, 3:46 pm
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Both are good options, If you elect to carry it I would think you would have some success hanging in the FC closet, if you ask the FA when you board if it is OK. This time of year with the weather warming up there are not too many coats being hung up. If it was January in the northern climate, I would advise differently.

Fedex or DHL are another great option. It is much easier than carrying it and you know it will get there. In fact if I was going to go that route I would send a few days ahead of time to get a cheaper rate.

Have a nice time in GR at the wedding the weather is supposed to be nice. But as this is Michigan you never know.
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