Upgrade issues using miles on award ticket

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Upgrade issues using miles on award ticket


I did a search on this and could not find the exact info. Please forgive the simplicity of the question--I am a newby.

My wife and I are going to HNL on award tickets Dec 3. I am an elite member and we have coach tickets. Along with the rest of the world I was hoping to get first class, at least on the return trip from HNL to MSP. I talked with a NW employee and they stated that if first class does not sell out for a particular flight, 2 weeks prior to departure they will open up F for people to upgrade with miles. I thought you had to purchase a ticket in coach in order to use miles to upgrade? I understand being gold that I might have a slim chance at upgrade 3 days from departure. Any thoughts?
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Automatic upgrade is not an elite benefit for travel to Honolulu. When first class is available on day of departure, honolulu ticket agents typically offer paid upgrade to first class. I believe it's $25 for each 500 mile traveled. (If a flight is 2650 miles, you need to pay $150)

Complimentary upgrade(due to overbooking in coach) from honolulu is rare because many people usually take up on this opportunity to paid upgrade when given the opportunity.

One way upgrade from select fares are 17500 miles each way. If you are traveling with an award ticket, you'll need to make your travel from the inventory of seats allocated for the award travel, and it'll require more miles.

Hawaii resident elite members, I belive, are given a few complimentary upgrade vouchers for their travel to the mainland US. Each Hawaii resident must surrender 1 voucher for each 500 miles traveled (in place of the $25 paid upgrade). To receive these vouchers, your worldperk account must be addressed in Hawaii. I think these upgrades are only valid day of departure.

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Mileage upgrades require a ticket reissue and should be done prior to arriving at the airport.

HNL (as well as other cities serving HNL) sell day of departure first class seats for $300 (or is it $350?). The day-of-departure paid upgrade is now offered between domestic cities (based on mileage) for $50/$100/$150.

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"Slim chance" or......next to none?

Elite upgrades are not offered on flights to/from HNL. Only domestic, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean. In case of oversale, there is the possibility of an operational upgrade, but at that time of year I would not count on it. Perhaps your best bet, if you want to be in First, is to spend the extra miles and get FC award tickets. You can do this round-trip, or only one-way, as you prefer.

But, as I have said before, IMHO an Elite member should not be flying on an award ticket! Especially at that time of year when you can fly to HNL from anywhere very cheaply!!! A purchased ticket would have netted you 10,000 EQM's, 10,000 bonus miles, and might have qualified you for Platinum instead of Gold. The 20,000 miles would come close to getting another free ticket for your wife to join you on another trip in the future. Do the Math!!!
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Thank you for all of the info.

These paid upgrades to first class on the day of departure, does Northwest ever offer these earlier than the day of departure? I would guess they probably don't in an effort to obtain as much ticket revenue as possible.
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