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Embraer's start flying today [Aug 21 2007]...

Embraer's start flying today [Aug 21 2007]...

Old Aug 24, 07, 5:29 am
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Originally Posted by jman4l View Post
US has E-170's which is a shorter version of the E-175 used by NW. The E-175 is 5 feet longer.
Correct, and an important point to highlight. I believe only AC and Republic (flying under the US Airways Express name) has any E-175s, and the majority of the US ones are still E-170s as the E-175s are slowly being delivered.
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Old Aug 24, 07, 7:02 am
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Originally Posted by SchmutzigMSP View Post
Yes, RJ-85 == Avro. I don't believe they ever flew it to DFW. That's always been CRJ/DC-9 territory as far as I can recall.
Flew F in the Avro MSP-DFW back in 2004. Flight left MSP at 11 or so, getting into DFW around 2. However, since the Avro was not equipped with kitchens, there was no lunch on the lunch-hour flight.

Looking forward to the 175 on 9/16, DFW-MSP.

Looks to me that they're putting the aircraft on routes where there is a high concentration of business travel but relatively low loads otherwise. It thrills me that the institution of this plane could lead to more frequencies, reversing a disturbing trend that started long before flights had to be cancelled due to various pilot scheduling snafus.
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Old Aug 24, 07, 11:17 am
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I flew in the ARJ PHL/MEM and/or MEM/PHL in both F and Y, both were really great! They had the best Y seats in the fleet!
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Old Sep 9, 07, 4:48 pm
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175 report?

I am flying on the 175 to Vancouver. Any impressions? Does first have real first class meals or just snacks? Thanks.

Originally Posted by TrayflowInUK View Post
Mrs. TrayflowinUK and I are booked on the E175 MSP-DFW next Friday... I'll report back on the plane. Any specific info people want? (No, I'm not bringing a tape measure!)
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Old Sep 11, 07, 8:07 am
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Since many of us are fondly remembering the ARJ flights, what is the exact seat comparison between an Avro and ERJ-175 in F and Y? (The Avro F seats were the biggest domestic F seats in the NW fleet, correct? Presumably NW's new 2-class minijets cannot rival this, no?)

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Old Sep 11, 07, 11:56 am
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Originally Posted by PersonalFlotationDevice View Post
Since many of us are fondly remembering the ARJ flights, what is the exact seat comparison between an Avro and ERJ-175 in F and Y? (The Avro F seats were the biggest domestic F seats in the NW fleet, correct? Presumably NW's new 2-class minijets cannot rival this, no?)
I believe the ARJ had the best seats in F and I'm positive it had the best seat in Y. IIRC, the Y seats in the ARJ were better than the F seats in the 9s.

As you can see in my NW seating comparison chart the E-175 has the best Y seats in terms of width, but its pitch is in the same range as the A319, A320, D95, and D94. In F its wider than the 9s, but narrower than the A319, A320. In pitch it's the same as the A320, but better than the 9s and A319 but actually less than the CRJ900 (but the CRJ900's width remains a mystery, not to mention the criticism about the lack of comfort and support).

The other more subjective thing is comfort, and that has to be determined by each individual.

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Old Nov 25, 07, 11:24 am
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My wife and I flew an ERJ-175 from YVR-MSP in Friday, and were upgraded to F. An excellent flight with enthusiastic and attentive flight attendants. (Quite a contrast from the minimal to non-existent service in F flying MSP-AUS.) The seats were confortable and the meal was a real meal (even if they had run out of my wife's choice). The coach seats looked comfortable also -- a significant improvement over the smaller RJ's. I can't wait for NW to replace the DC9's with the ERJ-175.
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Old Nov 25, 07, 11:29 am
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NWA will not be replacing the DC9s completely with the 175. Perhaps you'll see a few routes right sized, but overall the 175s will not come close to providing the proper replacement. The good news, IMO, is that the 195s could very well be a reality, only they'll be flown at mainline, where they ought to be flown.

Can't wait to try out the 175 myself... and the 900 too.

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Impressions from my 1st Compass E175 flight

I have flown on E175s in Europe (LH & LO) but this week I had the opportunity to experience the Compass/NW Airlink version of the plane on a MSP-YVR-MSP trip and I must say I was really quite impressed with both the airplane and with the Compass service. I have already sent in my TTU compliment.

I was seated in the F cabin and the leather seats were quite comfortable. It did seem a little bit cramped when the seat in front was reclined but I can't really say it was any worse than a mainline aircraft. I didn't hurt that it was very clean still felt like a very new aircraft. Seat trays were a little bit on the small side but still servicable although I always had to struggle with getting it but back into the arm. As has been discussed in this thread above, the overhead storage is somewhat limited as the bins on the port side (1 seat) are pretty small (maybe even smaller than the CRJ200 bins. The bins on the starboard (2 seats) were taller then 757 bins and reasonably deep although I did not have my normal rollaboard to see if it could go in the long way. I was the 4th person on the airplane and I already had trouble finding space for my hang-up bag and my computer case - ended up putting my computer case in the front bin of coach. The coach section looked reasonable and the bins there looked to be the same on both sides but significantly smaller than the F bins - same height but not nearly as deep. They will definitely fill up fast with roll-aboards.

Overall I would rate the plane on par with a mainline A320 (only newer!) and better than a DC-9 or even a 757. And of course not even in the same league as a CRJ200 or SF3 (thank goodness!).

I was also very pleased with the Compass service. The FAs were attentive without hovering and their attitude was great. It actually felt like the enjoyed their job which is, unfortunately, not the norm for NWA FA's today (although, to be fair, it has improved since emerging from bankruptcy). The food was at least as good as mainline F meals. But they had an added touch of a hot baked item kind of like Midwest's chocolate=chip cookies. On the morning flight they had hot granola bars and on the afternoon flight they had brownies (really good!). Of course the smell of baking is always nice even if you don't partake so it really adds a nice feel to the flight.

I thought I would share my experiences and restart this old thread which was more speculative as few people had actually flown the plane yet when it was active. Now if they would just convert some of the SUX-MSP flights to this plane I would be a very happy camper!
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The revived MSP/GSP nonstop could use a dual class regional.
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Took my first E175 flight this week. I was upgraded to F and sat in 3A.

There is no comparison between the CRJ200 and E175. The cabin was tall enough for my 6' self to stand upright in, the F seats are more comfortable than the DC9 F seats; the leather is new and soft, with decent padding underneath. FC has 1 x 2 seating so the A side is both an aisle and a window seat at the same time, and the windows are larger than the CRJ200 or at least positioned better as you don't need to bend over to look out. There is a noticeable lack of bin space in the FC section of the plane. The bins over the A seats are only large enough for a small bag like a purse. My flight was only 500 miles so no meal service, but drinks; including pre-departure drinks, along with the snack basket were offered by an attentive FA. I didn't get back to the coach section so I can't comment on that. Overall, I would rate the in-flight experience on this plane equal to or better than the DC9.

It's also worth pointing out that the E175 has 12 F seat in a 76 seat plane, meaning that 15.8% of the seats are in F, decent UG odds.

The DC9-30 has 16 out of 100: 16% FC
The DC9-40 has 16 out of 110: 14.5% FC
The A319 has 16 out of 124: 12.9% FC
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I'd like to see these MSP-ORF, a former RJ-85 route. We have CRJ's now and though they are always 100% booked (when I fly) we sometimes have to kick off passengers to save fuel/compensate for a delayed arrival in MSP due to possible weather issues.
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Originally Posted by mat123 View Post
I'd like to see these MSP-ORF, a former RJ-85 route. We have CRJ's now and though they are always 100% booked (when I fly) we sometimes have to kick off passengers to save fuel/compensate for a delayed arrival in MSP due to possible weather issues.
I sure would agree - it has got to be very uncomfortable to fly on a 100% booked CRJ for 3-4 hours from ORF-MSP (boarding to deplaning).
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NW # 2034 on 2/6 CMH-MHT

I had my first flight on an Embraer Wed (2/6). It was memorable.

No pre-flight drinks. After our departure, I was sitting there looking forward to our beverage service in FC. However our pilot comes on to announce we have a mechanical problem and must return to DTW. The pilot says.....the slats are locked or stuck. While we should have enough runway to stop the plane with this problem, as a precautionary measure, the fire trucks and ambulance will be waiting for us.

We return. I looked down at the airport and saw no planes on the runways, only firetrucks and an ambulance. I decided to review the brace position on the emergency card in the seat pocket! We land just fine but there were a few anxious thoughts that went thru my mind in the meantime. The fire trucks start to scurry over, then must have been called off as they turned around and drove off the runway.

Returned to the gate. We had a 20 minute delay waiting for a jet bridge operator, and then deplaned. After taking some time to evaluate the mechanical problem, the flight was later cancelled.

BTW, thank goodness for the PE line. They protected me with a seat on the later flight after the gate agent told me he could not do so until and IF, this flight was officially cancelled because the flight was delayed - due to weather and not cancelled. What? A delay due to weather? Hardly. I explained it was indeed mechanical - the fire and ambulance waited for us to land on the runway.

I was one of the lucky ones. I lost my seat in FC but I got a seat on a later flight. Some had to spend the night in DTW or reroute to BOS.

This problem was surprising, knowing how new these Embraers are.
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Landing without flaps on a E175 or even a 737 isn't much of a problem, it just lengths the stopping distance and makes for a very gradual descent. Landing without flaps on a 744 might be a problem if it's fully loaded. I wonder what the problem was. I would assume that they made sure to deice everything, but you never know.
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