40,000 Mile Sprint NorthWest Promo

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Bummer Was just called by Sprint 2 weeks ago and offered 8,000 to come back. Has anyone been successful in upgrading to the 40,000 from a win back offer??? I tied twice this morning and was told since, it was a win back offer, I could not, since I had recently been a Sprint customer.

I switched from Sprint 4 weeks ago to cash a $75 check from ATT. The win back offer was because of that switch.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by tulane85:

I dialed the 1-877-301-0314 number and signed-up for the promo, and confirmed the 5 miles/dollar billed ratio.

Most interestingly, I had no trouble convincing them to pay for the $10 fee my local phone company charges to make the switch in my long distance carriers. They said they would send a $10 check that I could include in my next local phone bill.

Tulane, did you get the name of the Sprint CSR? I did not have the same luck you did.
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I called tonight and switched from the 25K offer (from July) to the 40K offer. No problems.

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3 days ago, after I read this post. I called in and switched from 20,000 miles offer (I signed up on 07/25) to 40,000 miles offer. The lady said no problem, and switched me over.

just to be sure, I called again today. I asked the agent if I am already with the 40,000 mile plan, he said no, but he will switch me over right away.

I bet if I call again tomorrow, I still am not switched over. I think Sprint agent is just blowing us off.
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I was just wondering what anyone else's intrepretation of the tax was. It says Sprint will assess the ff excise charge on miles earned from using Sprint long distance. Does that not mean the 5 miles per dollar spent, not the sign-up bonus?

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They assess the excise tax fee on ALL miles you earn, bonus or standard. In the months after you receive a bonus your statement will be very 'tax heavy'. If you switch from Sprint (or MCI) while on a mileage earning plan you will usually receive a statement after your last statement for a small amount for this very reason since the miles are usually posted to your account 'after' the statement and the frequent flyer miles taxes play catch up....
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by jwhite4:
I had 3 lines (not all mine: girlfriend's house, my cell, father's house) registered for the 20k over 12 months promotion last year. All signed up online, all received a postcard indicating the 20k reward, and all received the miles more or less ontime (factoring in 6-10wk lag). We signed up a 4th account (cell phone in my mother's name), the postcard said 10k instead of 20k, and only 5k was ever received. I don't think my father ever did anything about correcting it.

So, my experience has been that Sprint has been very good about posting miles.

Does anyone know when the 20K bonus miles for Sprint PCS cell phone offer was in effect? if it's ended? whether or not I can still sign up for it? Thanks.
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Anne- While the wording is ambiguous, for sure, ronamc is quite correct here in my experience.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by kishna:
Does anyone know when the 20K bonus miles for Sprint PCS cell phone offer was in effect? if it's ended? whether or not I can still sign up for it? Thanks.</font>
This wasn't a PCS offer. Our cell phones are with Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic), where you can independently choose long distance service, just like you can with a home line. In fact, it's the main reason we stay with Verizon, as most of the other cell carriers (Sprint, AT&T, etc.) include their own long distance plan as part of the package.

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i called Sprint on this offer, and two different operatorstold me that you have to have been away from Sprint 3-4 months to sign-up for this.

no problem i thought. turns out, Sprint shows i've got some 'business connection' to my line, meaning their computer consider me a current Sprint customer. after making a few calls, i discovered that apparently SBC has contracted out part of my service to another company that is related to Sprint.

i still don't understand what's going on yet (and whether i'll be able to get the bonus-- probably have to write several letters threatening to contact the FCC), but my advice to all is to call Sprint up to confirm you've officially not been with Sprint over the last several months, even if you think you haven't.
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I switched to Sprint on September 1st for the 40K promo. Last night I switched back to AT&T due to this promo being a complete joke as far as international calls go.

The web page material states the program is for domestic calls, but if you need international, call Sprint. Well, ok, I signed up (my mistake for doing this first), then I called Sprint. I call the UK, so I need to have an international plan to cover this. I was told by two Sprint reps and a supervisor that you CANNOT add an international plan to the 40K promo, and that under the 40K promo, calls to the UK are over $2.00 per minute! I was told I could go to either a $5.95 or $7.95 per month program which would drop the UK calls to a low of .09 per minute, but that would only be a 20K promo. I asked everyway I could think of regarding how to be on the 40K promo and still not be a complete chump ($2.00 per minute????) regarding UK calls. No dice. One rep told me Sprint cannot afford to "give away" so many miles on an international plan because "Sprint pays so much for international calls". Yeah, right.

In some previous notes to this thread, people have stated they are getting cheap international and the 40K promo. Are you sure? Or did Sprint just flip you from the 40K into a 20K promo? I would check.

Bottom line, if you call outside the States, this promo is a rip off. NW customers deserve a better partner then Sprint.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Shinkansen:
I that under the 40K promo, calls to the UK are over $2.00 per minute!</font>
Use www.onesuite.com during your Sprint period and AVOID the headaches.

It's a rechargeable calling card. It offers the BEST rates anywhere. I use them in tandem with my long distance carrier. I NEVER use Sprint, just the calling card.
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I just signed up with www.tele-king.com for my international calling. I haven't used them yet, so can't comment on service. Since they use Voice over IP, quality will not be as good as with regular calls, but still should be acceptable. Their rates rock!
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my brother USED to use onesuite.com, but their lines were usually busy in the evening when he wanted to make phone calls.

you get what you pay for ... which isn't much.
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You can still sign up for Sprint and on the side use a 10 10 number for your international calls , They are quite inexpensive. 10-10-834 or 10-16-868 call 1-800-569-8700 or 1-888-660-5377 for their low 24 hour a day per minute rates. On another note, Don't be surprised when you get your Sprint conformation letter saying thank you for your order and you 7 cents per minute rate is $5.95 not the $3.95 per month as mentioned. The Sprint agent I talked to says it is just a computer glitch, and not to worry as the $3.95 rate is in effect. We will see for sure when the first statement arrives.I rather eat sand then switch my long distance carrier but then again the 40,000 is worth a mouth full of dirt.
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