40,000 Mile Sprint NorthWest Promo

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I called 1-877-301-0314 ("the Sprint with Northwest Airlines" number). This is the number listed under additional information on the web page offering the 40K miles.

I called once, and the agent was familiar with the 40K offer. She put me on hold twice to determine whether I could get the 40K offer. She said I'd get miles under the 40K schedule but I didn't ask about the start date.

I switched July 30 from MCI to Sprint for the 20k offer. To date, no "Sprint" miles have posted to my NW account.

By the way, does anyone have any recent experience with getting Sprint miles for two different (separate address, separate billing address) lines into the same NW account?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by dhacker:
Well, there will no upgrade for me

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None for me either. Was told that I was already receiving bonus miles and that NW will not allow me to enroll for the 40K promo.
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Between the extra fees, hidden rules in the fine print, the time you will spend trying to collect the miles after they don't post, and the grief of dealing with Sprint for eighteen months, it ain't worth it.
I use 10-10-811, five cents per minute anytime.
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I've been on the 20,000 mile -18 month Sprint
plan since November with lots of mileage posted already. I called yesterday and had no
problem upgrading to this new 40,000 offer.
I called the 1-877-301-0314 number.
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I called Sprint Worldperks this morning 1-800-795-1167. Like you I switched on July 31 to Sprint for the 20k offer. I asked them nicely if I can change to the 40k offer and they said, sure no problem. I could even stick with the original calling plan but I just switched that to the 7 cents anytime plan. So for 6 months more (18 months instead of 12 months) I get 20,000 more NW miles, fine with me).

I had already received the 5,000 miles too! The Sprint phone rep told me I will get another 5,000 after the 4th invoice and 10,000 after the 8th, 12th, and 18th invoice.

I have never had any problems whatosoever with miles posting by Sprint and I hope I do not start now
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Did anyone receive a reply from sprint via email? I signed up via NWA website and haven't received acknowledgement. Any thoughts,,,,,thanks
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I had 3 lines (not all mine: girlfriend's house, my cell, father's house) registered for the 20k over 12 months promotion last year. All signed up online, all received a postcard indicating the 20k reward, and all received the miles more or less ontime (factoring in 6-10wk lag). We signed up a 4th account (cell phone in my mother's name), the postcard said 10k instead of 20k, and only 5k was ever received. I don't think my father ever did anything about correcting it.

So, my experience has been that Sprint has been very good about posting miles.

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So I guess it just depends on the customer service rep you talk to. Just keep calling back until you find one who will upgrade you.
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Is there a problem with getting miles in the same NWA account where you received miles from Sprint a few years ago? I remember reading something about people being denied their miles over this. (We do have a new address and phone number.)

Also, the fees end up being more than the $3.95 a month and tax on ff miles. The Universal access fee, etc would all be new charges if you don't already have long distance. (I use onesuite.) Still a good deal.
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I switched for the 20,000 mile offer previously and called this mornging to ask if I could be switched to the 40,000 program. I was told that I could only get the 40,000 if I had switched after 15 July. Since I switched early in July I have to stick with the 20,000 program. Oh well.
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I realize that this offer is limited to Northwest, but is there a chance Sprint might extend it to American AAdvantage?

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Middle seat--no chance. American has their service contract for phones with MCI.
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We are on a 20,000 offer from last Dec. I called to switch to the new offer--was given the only after July 15 answer but then offered 3000 miles for calling in. That was much better than just a no.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by steve712:
[B]I would not use Sprint if they were the only game in town. I signed up for a NW miles promotion last year & long story short, got SCREWED out of my miles, and on the monthly fee.

Escalted my complaint several levels within Sprint, emails, letters, etc. all to no avail.</font>
I liked fscher's comment about contacting the Public Utility Commission since Sprint was jacking him around; seemed to expedite the solution to his problem: Sp(r)int Bonus Miles

Edited to correct typo in thread name (figured I couldn't type [sic] in the middle of all that url stuff).

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I dialed the 1-877-301-0314 number and signed-up for the promo, and confirmed the 5 miles/dollar billed ratio.

Most interestingly, I had no trouble convincing them to pay for the $10 fee my local phone company charges to make the switch in my long distance carriers. They said they would send a $10 check that I could include in my next local phone bill.

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