Taxes/Fees on WP Intl. Tickets - Letter

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Taxes/Fees on WP Intl. Tickets - Letter

The following is a letter that I just sent to NW Customer Relations.

To Whom It May Concern:

Approximately one week ago, I had contacted the Platinum Elite
desk about two WorldPerks Award reservations to Hong Kong (PNRs
XXXXXX and XXXXXX). The supervisor that I had spoken to
indicated that she would contact the rates desk to confirm the
proper taxes & fees for the tickets, and have the record
documented accordingly.

The next day, I contacted the Platinum Elite Desk to verify the
proper taxes for these tickets. The agent indicated that the
supervisor documented a charge of approx. $25/ticket, based upon
CO's absorption of the intl. departure tax (please see PNR
XXXXXX for reference). I then asked him to place the
reservations on the ticketing queue, under the assumption that
the $25 fee applied.

The following day, I received e-mailed receipts from NW
indicating a charge of some $50/ticket. I immediately contacted
the Platinum Elite desk to correct the discrepancy. The agent
told me that there was no record of the supervisor's notations,
and that the rates desk now said that the $50 fee applied. I
reminded the agent that CO absorbs those fees on reward-type (OP and WP)
tickets; she replied that there was no indication that the
supervisor had made any notations in the records in the first

The lack of clear information from the Platinum Elite Desk is
indeed disturbing. I believe that it is reasonable to expect
that the Platinum Desk agents & supervisors would be the most
informed and knowledgeable agents at Northwest Airlines.

However, it is even more appalling to discover that an agent
would, either accidentally or intentionally, delete important
comments from a supervisor. This sort of behavior is, at the
very least, highly unprofessional.

Since the $25 difference will NOT be collected by/sent to the
U.S. Govt., it will essentially serve as "free money" for
Northwest. I believe that my travels have given NW sufficient
revenue such that the need for any sort of nickel-and-dime
schemes to be attempted would be eliminated.

To rectify this situation, I request that the difference of
approximately $25/ticket be propmtly refunded to my credit card.

Thank you for your prompt consideration of my concerns. I look
forward to hearing from you shortly.

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Well that was a nice long confusing read...

I believe the summary is: you were quoted ~$25 per ticket taxes but charged $50-something.

This is something about WorldPerks Award tickets that I don't understand: I've never been charged taxes on Domestic tickets (airport PFC's or otherwise), but whenever I've gotten an International ticket, I've had to pay taxes on those.

Does anybody know what the real rules are?
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I've had a similar problem/issue

Exact same itinerary to Canada from the States. On CO award ticket, about $12 in taxes/fees, total! On NW it was about $40-50ish--two separate trips on NW. No one could explain the discrepancy.


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