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delpy88 Oct 4, 01 3:30 pm

Can I earn WP miles on Continental?
I just purchased a flight on Yahoo travel for a flight on Continental but operated by Northwest. Can I get WP miles on this flight?

Thanks for your help!

SMessier Oct 4, 01 3:32 pm


delpy88 Oct 4, 01 3:45 pm


Bookexp Oct 4, 01 4:28 pm

Your miles also count toward elite statue on NW.

OB one Oct 4, 01 5:19 pm

Well, how about this one? If I fly CO in October, as a NW Silver, with few miles credited to my Onepass account, since I wanted to build my WP miles, should I take Onepass miles at double mileage or WP miles that earn me the usual extra 50% plus count towards gold (still a far distance away) and forego the double miles on CO? I hate losing miles.

opushomes Oct 5, 01 1:48 am

Please go to the NW website and register for the Oct 5 - Nov 15 double miles promotion. This solves your dilemma about not getting the 50% silver bonus. Base(X2) + .5Xbase (silver bonus) = 2.5Xbase miles for the same trip.

doc Oct 5, 01 6:57 am

Please also see:

OB one Oct 5, 01 6:35 pm

Thanks to both of you for the help. Doc I was all over that post and still don't really see my answer. Yes, I registered for double miles on NW. My problem is I am flying a CO designated flight. Normally I just specify WP milea and I get the miles and silver elite bonus.

But I think NW states that I must fly NW designated flights to get the double miles. It has been my experience in the past that when I register for a CO promotion that I get the CO miles and no elite bonus for NW, for example, 1000 mile online ticket buying. I must choose OP miles to get the online bonus, but then I give up the 50% elite mileage bonus.

Maybe I am getting it all wrong and I should have been calling OP to see my elite miles posted. Of course, that dilutes my NW mileage which is only about 30,000 for the year. Sorry for the length of post. To top it all off my wife is flying 1/2 of the same itinerary on NW (with CO metal) and she is nowhere near NW elite but actually has a chance at CO Silver. Yet I booked her NW to get the 5,000 intitial web buy bonus. UGH

doc Oct 6, 01 7:53 am

Well NW has seemingly been a bit "fickle" with this promo and yet CO does count the double bonus as elite qualifying status miles- so the choice is yours!

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