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Okay Ive been flying for several years and used and when they closed up shop they put as a contact. I only knew of this forum for a week now and I feel like Im back in college. I cant offer enough of appreciation to everyone, I started sending emails to each person but god it would take me a month to email everyone here on the forum. Couple of things
IM presently GOLD Elite. and Im a trainer in sports medicine. I also do a lot of volunteer work for Pallotta Team works.

Now last Aug 14 and Aug 25 I was on NW going from DTW to ANC, and on the 14th the service was unbelieveable! It was so wild, everyone one of the flight crew with the exception of flight deck officers, were happy, conversing with all Passengers and Ive never been on a flight with such happiness. I wanted to do something for the crew but dont know eactly how to go about it.
Please send me ur ideas about it cause I want to do something!
Ive been on a few flights when I wanted to walk off cause of a rude FA!

Thanks for every FT here for all ur kind words of support and knowledge. I only wish I would have known about this a year ago.

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Hopefully, you have a record of your itinerary with flight numbers and dates. A little bit of appreciation in the form of a letter goes a long way. LOTS of people write to COMPLAIN, but not as many bother to note exceptional service when it happens. With the dates/numbers, NWA will be able to find out who the crew was and pass your appreciation along. Believe me, this kind of thing really brightens everyone's day. It has been a demoralizing time for the airline industry and you will be a welcome ray of sunshine.
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