Gold vs Plat

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Gold vs Plat

I'm assured to re-qual for Gold by next week, but after reading the WP booklet I'm not sure what the big deal is about going for Platinum. you get a 125% vs 100% miles bonus, which is nice, I suppose, and a better shot at upgrades, but other than that, is there any particular reason to make an effort to reach Platinum? I've been very pleased with Gold and have only failed to be upgraded once this year, so the only draw might be the miles. it'd be nice if NW gave out some system-wides or something extra for Plats, sort of like what UA do for their 1Ks, for international travel.

75K miles is a lot less than what UA and AA and (I think) DL require for their top tier. maybe that's why the benefits aren't that great. maybe a Plutonium level at 125K or something wouldn't be a bad idea?
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Other that what you mentioned (2 days further out for upgrades, 25% more mileage bonus) the only thing in the elite benefits summary is supposedly an extra carry-on allowance. I've never had the need to drag more than 2 carry-on bags with me, so I don't know how big a deal that is.

I've been Plat for 3 yrs, and haven't missed but 1 upgrade for domestic travel. I haven't done any int'l (except for Mexico, Canada and Carib) on NW or CO, so I don't know if being Plat gets you anything there.

As for dealing with customer service, I know that they're pretty responsive whenever I call or email, but I don't know if that's owing to my status or not.
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There used to be more benefits for Platinums. There used to be earned upgrade certs given for international travel. I believe it was two one-way upgrades for every 4 one-way WBC international trips. This disappeared when NW discontinued the FC on international flights. I usually only fly international. I think NW should offer platinums something such as the UA system wide certs.
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Oh yeah, NW took away the discounted rule-busters for Plat recently. During the on-line chat last week, NW said that with the added bonus (the 125%), they didn't feel that the discounted rule buster was worth while........
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Has NW waived the expedite and redeposit fees for award travel for Platinums, as has CO recently?

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JL - Not as far as I know. I had to pay for a re-deposit as recently as May of this year. IMHO NW needs to do a bit more for us Plat's, have you seen the cool METAL tags that the CO elites get, plus they got Prez club passes and Ashford gift certs in their elite pack last year. Although I do like being able to call in for my UG's if they havnt gone through, instead of waiting for EUA.
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I agree with all of you who say that Platinum for NW is not much better than Gold. I am a Platinum, but I frankly don't see much of a difference from my Gold days. The extra 25% bonus doesn't hurt, but it is not like the jump from the Silver to Gold, where there is a big difference both in the mileage bonus and upgrade probability.
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The difference between Gold and Plat is large indeed--in the area of "unpublished" benefits. As a Plat, you are far more likely to receive special waivers and extensions than a Gold, Silver or Non-Elite.
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