boo hiss world perks!!

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boo hiss world perks!!

all award travel is blacked out on the weekends for june, july, & august!!!

what is the point?? are you telling me loads are so strong for them that they have no awards seats available on any flight ANYWHERE??? for the entire summer!!!
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Although I would not put put this past them, would you please provide a reference for your statement?

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All coach travel is blacked out during the weekends, yes... but I know that Business class (International) isn't blacked out over the weekends, and I'm guessing First Class (Domestic) isn't, either.

Northwest has to keep redemption possibilities skimpy, after all.

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coach class to europe in its entirety on wknds june, july & august, while biz class is june, sept. & oct.

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This has been an ongoing problem, and not just with NWA. There are zillions of miles out there that the airlines are praying will never been redeemed...and they do not bend over backwards to make redemption easy.

When using award travel, I now plan 11 months in advance!
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I'm not sure I'm completely following this, because I have award seats this summer on two different weekends in coach class. Are you saying that seats are "blacked out" as a matter of policy or that they are simply all taken? If it's the latter, it's an entirely different matter. Anyone booking award seats at minimal mileage levels for travel in the summer months is expecting a lot to think that after months of promoting award seat mileage discounts, things wouldn't be a bit picked over by this late in the game.
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I too have coach award tickets in June (2 of them to be exact.) I also have 2 business class award tickets to Europe in September. I booked the Domestic Tickets a month ago and the International tickets the day the seats were released.

I don't have any MAJOR complaints about World Perks. But remember, NWA is in the business to make money. Anytime someone on an award ticket flies they are losing revenue. Be thankful that the rule buster exists so that when you NEED to get ticket with miles, you can.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">
When using award travel, I now plan 11 months in advance![/B]</font>
Last year I tried to book a BC ticket from Asia to US, there's no seat at all although I planed almost 1 year in advance. Sometimes it seems that there's just no seat, not that somebody has already taken it. If you plan too much in advance, that'll restrict the maximum stay.
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Some airlines have blackout days.
Some airlines have no blackout days
Go to
Enter the link for Blackout Dates
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">How to use the Blackout Dates Calendar

1. Select a month and year in the form and click the "Go" button.
2. Click on the link that corresponds with the airline and date you wish to travel. A window with the details of the blackout date will then pop up.
3. List of airlines without blackout dates. This is a link @ the page</font>
Helpful Hint Always make sure you have some miles in an airline program that does not have blackout dates so that if it becomes absolutely neccessary to travel you still may be able to.
Reminder Airlines without blackout dates generally have capacity controls - and you still may be out of luck traveling with miles

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I am flying NW on an award ticket in a few weeks. Economy.
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