new World Business Class

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new World Business Class

I'm looking for comments about NW's new World Business Class and how it compares to others, such as CO BusinessFirst, DL BusinessElite, etc.

Food, Service, Seats, etc.
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When I travelled last December, the food was the same compare to my previous trips. In terms of the seat, you'll get the same seat but with better recline, more legroom, and an improved audio system.

Word has it that WBC will get a dedicated purser in May, 2001. NWA said that they're going to make the service about the same as the old int'l FC. Hope that's true.

Do a search in CO's forum using the word "business first" to see what CO is like.

I myself am tempted to try CO's Business/First product the next time I travel to Asia in December but
a) I want to see the new terminal in Detroit
b) better scheduling to Asia
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I posted a trip report (albeit not a very good one) after flying WBC last month. It's at
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go for co next time, it is like night and day.
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I have flown in WBC 8 times between MSP and NRT since October (SEA-NRT for one segment), and not once come across the new WBC configuration. Fortunately, I usually get in the upper deck, where the leg room and seat recline are like the new config. anyway, but I'd be pretty upset if I flew this many times and got stuck with the old seating arrangement every time, especially when there is so much advertising on the new WBC. Any experience like this out there?
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Last weekend, I run into quite an unexpected opportunity to fly their New World Business Class from JFK to NRT. The newly expanded pitch evidently affords more legroom than CO's Business First. In Particular, the upper-deck bulk head seats as well as the leftside frontrow in B cabin seemed to offer
an amazing space. (perhaps more than most standard old first class cabin,,,)
The seats, however, seem to be the same old world business class and the headrest does not get winged. While I applaud the economics of the New World Business Class, I wonder about their long-term competitiveness when other major carriers are really bumping up their F/C products from the ground-up.
Surely, just repitching C class cabin takes one day so the conversion seems to be moving along much faster than United..

Foodwise, I was amazed to see how so-ordinary their offerings were. I mean I had to wonder what they used to serve? Here, CO's Business First truly shines out, especially on NYC-NRT service. The FAs were busy and efficient in serving the full flight but not a single smile nor cheerful look were to be observed from any of the FAs I saw. In addition, the age of NW's 747/744s are no match for CO's brand new clean 777.

I hope NW will eventually upgrade their C class with newer seats and entertainment systems.

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I'm totally confused. Is NW introducing a New WBC product or not? Their site is fairly clear that they are; that there are new seats with I think it's 60" pitch and 150-degree recline; new catering; and new entertainment systems. They even give impressive stats on aircraft conversions. I don't get the same glowing impression from reading the posts here!
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I've just returned from a MSP-SEA-KIX/NRT-MSP trip. Both segments had the new WBC (DC-10 to KIX, 747-200z back to MSP).

Yes, the seats are much better in terms of the recline, and so is the leg room, but if you are used to flying in the upper deck on the 747 as I am, there is really no notable improvement. The DC-10 I was on to KIX clearly had a hasty conversion, as a lot of the overhead panels had either loose or poorly-matching parting lines.

As far as I can see, there has been no change in the food quality. It's not bad, but there is nothing to make a big deal out of it.

I am not saying that the new WBC is not good. If you have flown the WBC before, then you will appreciate the space that the new WBC for the same fare. I just don't see a big difference beyond that.
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I just flew ATL - AMS in WBC on a KLM 767 and returned AMS - DTW on a NW 747-400. The KLM WBC was absolutely the worst. WBC seating was 2-2-2. The flight was staffed by Martinaire crew. Service was pleasant but barely better than coach, no refills offered on anything. Seat pitch was no better than domestic first class in the 767. The food was one tray coach style in presentation and quality. A very poor KLM WBC product. The only redeeming element was the little blue Dutch hopuse. In contrast, the NW flight was a pleasure. Fortunately, we were in the old first class section of the 747, so we had great seat pitch and recline. The plane was not yet converted in the rest of WBC. Service and food were exceptional compared to the KLM product, attentive and elegant. I am off to Singapore next Monday in WBC so it will be interesting to compare trans-pacific WBC.

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