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SMessier Oct 9, 00 10:57 am

Anyone earned WP miles on Alitalia yet?
The subject says it all I think. While the NW web site (and the people at WorldPerks) are both certain that this is possible, the reservations person I talked to at AZ was adamant that it is not possible to earn WP miles on AZ.

This seems plain wrong - especially given that the person I talked to at NW was able to pull up my all AZ reservation, but I figured that checking with everyone here might settle the issue.


CTANK Oct 9, 00 5:47 pm

With 4 AZ segments in late August I was got Wp miles on 3 of those flights. It all really depends on the agent one gets, althogth I do know that all of the portions for which I was creditted with WP miles I
(a) orignated in Italy
(b) checked in at the lounge
These are probably not factors but I thought I would mention them for the heck of it

NY traveller Oct 9, 00 10:30 pm

Flew r/t from JFK to FLR in May and October and received miles for a segments, and they earned me elite status points as well. So anybody at AZ telling you otherwise has no clue what he/she is talking about!

SMessier Oct 10, 00 8:50 am

Well, my second call to AZ was quite interesting. The rep I talked to then said that AZ stopped taking WP numbers "about a month ago" -- something he claimed to have confirmed with a supervisor a week earlier. I asked him to check again - and when he came back on the line he told me that his supervisor had allowed him to enter my WP number because my reservation had been made in October. (uh? It was, but what's the point?).

I sent an email to NW asking to confirm they will credit the miles, regardless of what AZ says/does. But I too am looking forward to the status miles, since that trip should bring me to about 49.8K for the year.

kilane_royalist Oct 10, 00 4:11 pm

Thanks for the info, I am flying Alitalia later this year.

SMessier Nov 16, 00 4:17 am

Short update: Just returned from a 4-segment trip on AZ. So far 2 of the 4 have posted, and both have also been credited to my elite qualifying miles. So far so good.

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