Northwest Exit Row Question

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Talking Northwest Exit Row Question

Hi All.
Quick question. I'm on an NWA Bangkok - JFK - Bangkok flight this week and am Silver Elite. The plane is a 747-400

I currently have the following premium seat: 21H
It has the extra legroom, but it's on the aisle and I'll probably get bumped in the shoulder a lot. Since I'm 6' 2", the legroom is essential though.

I'm contemplating switching to the exit row seat: 51K, so I can sleep against the airplane wall. I have heard (from that there is a protrusion from the exit door (holds the emergency slide). Is this such a big deal? Will it bother me? Has it bothered you? Please let me know.

Thanks a million.
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Welcome to FlyerTalk! Great question, I'm moving it to the Northwest forum since it is specific to that airline.

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Welcome to FT! No direct experience, but hope this link helps:

Move your cursor over the seats you mentioned for comments on those particular seats.
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I think you will find 51K to be a bit of a problem. Haven't sat in that seat but observed others. Because of the exit door bulge you need to point your legs left a bit. You don't seem to be able sit square. My guess is this will cause a little more cramping than you would normally expect.

Seems like you get a choice of 6-of-one or a half dozen of the other. Pick your pain..
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I can't comment on the 744 but can comment on the DC 10 with a similar arrangement. I have booked this seat and the aisle seat next to it. The person in the window seat next to the exit door has to sit at an angle as the door really does get in the way. I am 6'1". Luckily Mrs OB one was with me and she is 5'4" so the door did not impact her nearly as muc. Moreover she likes windows and I like Aisles so we were ok. She did complain that it was cold however from a draft, so she needed an extra blanket which the FA brought and commented how that seat was always cold.

I have sat alone on the aisle with a stranger next to me in the window seat, also over 6 feet. he was clearly uncomfortable and really couldn't (wouldn't) turn himself to invade my space, but I knew what he was going through and tried to angle myself a little in the aisle seat and tell him it was ok to twist a bit. If you are on the right hand side of the plane, your left leg is ok and you can stretch it out forever, but the leg nearest the wall is very tight.

Again as one poster said above, you win some, you lose some. But I doubt moving to 51 will make you better off. If it was me, i would stay in the aisle seat especially since you are over 6 feet tall. You do get jostled a bit, but that happens more on the boarding than during the flight. Plus you wil be first for drinks/food where you are.

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I have sat in that seat, and it hasn't bothered me. Yes, the bottom of the door slopes outwards towards the floor, so you have to angle your legs a bit, but it's not a big deal. You might be able to find a piciure on

I would pick that seat over any other.
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May want to consider this that seat group is right next to the main cabin galley and also the way the service is done now that area sometimes does not get their choice of meals.
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Thanks for your help

Thanks to all for the feedback and help. Given all of your comment, I've decided to stay in 21H. REALLY appreciate the long, informative responses.
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