Status match opinions/experiences

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Status match opinions/experiences

Here's my situation:

In 2001, NWA offered me a Silver Elite challenge by flying two round trips at certain fare classes, which I met. I was Silver for the rest of 2001 and all of 2002.

Unfortunately, I was unable to fly NWA as much as I normally might in 2002, but did fly a lot of US in that year. US comped me their Silver Preferred on a match basis for the remainder of 2002 and all of 2003.

Now I find myself flying NWA more than US, and that will pretty much be permanent since I moved from North Carolina to NYC and have a lot more travel to places that NWA operates that US doesn't.

Question: does anyone think NWA will comp me back to Silver on the strength of my US status even though they technically gave me a "comp" in 2001? Maybe they'll challenge me again?

I want to stay with NWA because I truly prefer their service and will fly enough to get status anyway, but any "perk" I can get certainly helps.
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A challenge is not usually looked at as a comp (though that depends on the airline). Even if they did before, you can probably write and explain your situation about moving away from a US location and submit your statements.

If you call the WP desk and ask them, they might also have a challenge you can take to get Silver quickly as you did before.
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