First time Airbnb failure - advice?

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First time Airbnb failure - advice?

So here’s the basic story
made a mistake on a booking when in China for what was thought to be a private apartment - turns out only private room. Not a major issue
1 arrive late and told that address given was wrong and to meet at different location
house matches images of inside but not the spacious location described by google maps and address given

2 room exceptionally small for two people. Legs hanging off end of bed - no sleep - house also Uber small

3 host and husband in house with 4 year old child in place listed as 2 bedrooms - 4 guests - maximum 2 people only

4 no off street parking allowed despite being listed on Airbnb

5 private enterence is actually main enterence to house into Tiny living space

6 discussion with host in morning. ‘We thought that this may it be suitable for a 17 day stay for two people ‘ I ask - why not tell us this reply is - this is not my ( the hosts ) problem

7 arrange to move into mothers flat for extra 25 euro in cash per night for an expected 4 nights which turns into 7 - we expected to move to a different location after 4 days for same cost ( same host has 7 listings ) after 7 days get told can’t make a move. The mother want to know our plans. So now we are paying 61 euro a night to stay in a listing that’s only 45 a night ( since we’ve already been paying 36 )

8. Host has 4 year old semi autistic daughter as well. Not mentioned in listing about child - wouldn’t have booked had it been mentioned

9. Put in request for a change of booking - verbal argument ensues - settles down next day and after handshake on change of booking and paying 175 euro cash to mother we leave ( without cancelling ) and discover host will now not honour agreement

10. Contact Airbnb at this point only to be told that after they’ve contacted the busy that we’ve not followed the Stu d / cancellation policy and that the host is not obligated to accept change if booking and we’ve not supplied documentation ( ie images ) despite us complaining that the Hoyas is misrepresented

if it were only 109-150 euro I’d write it off as a learning experience but all up
its cost
619 euro original booking
175 euro in cash to mother
an additional 250 euro for alternative accomodation
loads of stress and no real help from Airbnb

sggestiobs ? Advice ? Where to go legally from here ?
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Your post really needs some copy editing—there are a lot of errors and parts of it are quite hard to understand. That said, I think I get the main points, to which I would respond:

(1) Were there reviews for this property before you made your booking? If so, did you read them thoroughly? I never, ever book a property that does not have multiple positive reviews as well as a star rating of at least 4.5.

(2) You may be SOL on this because you didn’t go straight to Airbnb when you had complaints at the very beginning, which is really the best way to do it. Clearly, this property listing was wildly inaccurate, and Airbnb should hear about that from the moment you discover it. You can explain the whole issue right away on the emergency line, and you should get a fair hearing. They will deal with the host for you, rather than you trying to make all these side arrangements directly (which Airbnb is guaranteed not to like or recognize, because the payments did not go through the site).

I had a bad Airbnb stay two months ago (my first ever bad experience in 6 years of stays)—the host’s dog was barking outside all night, with no response from them despite me literally banging on their door. I was on the phone to Airbnb at 3 AM EDT, checked out of my two-night stay after one night, and got a full refund. Airbnb dealt with the host, so I didn’t have to do it, which was a relief.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Next time look for Superhosts, and if you can’t find that, at least properties with many good reviews that you go through carefully. I am also much more wary of properties in countries that have, shall we say, less of a service-oriented culture (China definitely falls in this category). Finally, hosts with multiple listings like that are always suspect—they are clearly doing Airbnb as a full-time business rather than a way to earn a bit of extra income or just to enjoy hosting. Their incentive is not to make sure guests have a good experience, but instead to maximize profit by minimizing rent and other expenses.

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Move on and learn from your mistakes! (you didn't research enough when you made the booking and why use Airbnb in China! (hotel rates are quite cheap))

The advice provided by the previous poster is spot on.
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doesnt airbnb say to contact them immediately?
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