Any experience with Airbnb?

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I've used AirBNB in Los Angeles, Shanghai and NY's Williamsburg. All experiences were quite good. It is more work than staying at a hotel---I basically use it where Priceline/Hotwire is too expensive or corporate hotels are in the wrong neighborhoods. As well because every location is independently managed there is no consistency in cleanliness, but all have been less clean than the generic corporate two star. As well the key pickup has always been a little awkward. Two other things: I'm very familiar with NY, SH and LA and would hesitate to stay at an urban (or very rural) AirBNB somewhere where I did not know boundaries; also, I'm 31 and would probably not visit an AirBNB if ten years older. If you have more questions, ask here or send a PM.
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couchsurfing vs airbnb

Originally Posted by future elite

I'm also on couchsurfing, but I have never actually couchsurfed before. If you have used both sites before, what are your thoughts of airbnb vs. couchsurfing?
airbnb is a paying service, people may let out a room for cheap but it's not free. You book it like a regular b and b, give dates and if you want to stay for 2 weeks, let's say pay the $$ and stay.

Couchsurfing is just that - can be a sofabed, sleeping bag, couch, or in some cases a room but usually for 2-3 days max. It's more like crashing with a friend.

I love airbnb, not so much the couchsurfing - couchsurfing TENDS to appeal to younger backpackers who are literally just using the place to sleep.
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Originally Posted by future elite
I used AirBnB for the first time on a recent trip in Istanbul. I only looked for hosts who had been previously positively reviewed and who were conveniently located. I pretty much had a whole floor to myself with my own private terrace that had great views of the Galata Tower, and I really enjoyed chatting with the host, her roommate, and some of her friends whom I met. I definitely see myself using the site again in the future.

For a moment I thought I was reading my own review! My first Airbnb experience was in Istanbul, in October '11 and just a short block from the Galata Tower! Hey, but wasn't that a cool neighborhood. Istanbul was great, and I will be returning.

By the way, the service that I got from Airbnb was outstanding, and I intend to use it quite a bit in the future. (I do not book where a large deposit is required)
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We have used AirBnB a couple of times in SFO and Lake Tahoe. Both times we had nice places to stay for a lot less than what a hotel would have cost us.
No other fees where asked for besides the official commission for AirBnB.
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Haven't used it but the process does seem somewhat slow. Want instant reservation.
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We're looking for an apartment in Milan in Feb and it's good to see the positive responses here for AirBnB. Anybody been there, done that?

I've rented short term in various places and never been concerned, always taken care of, but some of the AirBnB apts (and glam owners) appear to be in the "if it looks to good to be true...." category.

Am interested in hearing more responses from owners renting. How the process works for them, etc.
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Have used AirBnb once and CS several times as host and surfer. Both require a bit of back and forth to ensure availability and arranging to pick up the key, etc. They also depend on the reviews of the owners/renters and you will be staying in a private home and not a hotel. The AirBnb site is much better than CS, with lots of clear photos and descriptions, and a more streamlined booking service. Since this is the budget forum, CS can't be beat for price, although I always bring a small gift for my host. It's also more about meeting other CSers. AirBnb is a home-rental service so a bit less interaction with your host unless you only rent a room, but can be cheaper than hotels, or at least offer more space for the same price (handy for families). Probably cheaper to stay in a hostel if budget is limited. I find both are a bit of a hassle though and not into hostels, so tend to find good deals on hotels or use points to save cash instead.
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with airbnb

Originally Posted by MarcJ55
Haven't used it but the process does seem somewhat slow. Want instant reservation.

If the host is a prompt responder, you can have it done within a day. For longer stays I'm willing to wait that long or longer.
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Stayed in New Orleans with someone I met on AirBnb - great experience.
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I tried it for my first time this fall in Nantucket...I had an amazing experience and made a new friend. Can't recommend enough!!!
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Thanks for the encouragement. We contacted two people and both responded quickly. We booked our first choice, about 500 feet from the (back of the) Duomo and are looking forward to our stay.
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I used airbnb when I went to NYC. I had a good experience and I personally recommend it.
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Used airbnb and found the service to be good. So good that I am using them again. Three week trip in April thru them to Amsterdam, Bruges and Paris.
No issues. You do pay a small commission but nothing in life is free.
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Bad, bedbug experience in Hip SF Studio

I picked up bedbugs at a SF studio rental via Airbnb. I got a partial refund from Airbnb for the nights I didn't stay -- I had to flee, because you have no other option when you rent a private place, unlike a hotel. The host had no remedy for me, didn't offer one except a "sorry," then didn't want to refund anything herself. After I reviewed the property I got an email from her, passed through the Airbnb website, that told me to f--- off. Home Away: a much more professional and safe way to stay in a private accommodation.
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I've used airbnb across the US and in Bali. I have had mostly good experiences. Remember that you can negotiate on places as well. Just send a message to the people and make an offer. I have gotten places for less than half of the advertised rate. Airbnb is not a hotel though so you lose that level of anonymity that sometimes I desire. It's definitely worth checking out though.
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