Cars in EA/ES at CLE

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Cars in EA/ES at CLE

Originally posted by joediver.

Executive Selection at CLE
Volvo V70
Jeep Laredo
Chevy HHR (why do they think these are "luxury")
Chevy Impala
Toyota Camry
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Any recent experiences? Do they still carry Volvos?
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Originally Posted by Tuneman1984 View Post
Any recent experiences? Do they still carry Volvos?
I rent from them on a weekly basis (Love the crew there, especially Walt, Steve, Dave, and Helen).

This past weekend was my birthday, and sure enough, they spoiled me with my choice of a 2009 Volvo S60 AWD Turbo, or a 2009 Volvo C70. I took the S60 :-)

However, I must warn you, it's a hit and miss. It took me about 2 months to drive a Volvo :-(

CLE did just get brand-new SRX's :-)
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Volvo's are gone. No longer available. Got a Jeep 4x4 Limited....really nice...but guzzled the gas like mad!!
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Originally Posted by dgoedken View Post
Volvo's are gone. No longer available.
I was bummed to read your statement but alas it is correct according to mgr I spoke with.

I showed up on a Tuesday at Cleveland Hopkins, slim pickings, nothing but Camrys, Impalas, couple Malibus & Chargers in the Executive selection.
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Was here this weekend. As posted above, saw lots of Impalas and Chargers, but also a couple Jeeps, a traverse, few Fusion's and my new favorite, 6-8 Sonatas. I really liked this car and will definitely take it again.
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No update for a while, so here is one.

Just FYI, they moved the location. National is no longer straight forward, but to the right.

Both EA and ES were pretty scarce.

ES: Jeep Grand Cherokee, 3 Impalas, Kia Sorrento, Hyundai Sonata, Chevy Traverse, a minivan and a Chevy Equinox (it was loaded and I took it).

EA: 2 Ford Fusions, a Hyundai Sonata, a couple others.

In VIP was a Volvo VC70, VW CC, Ford Mustang, Chrysler 300. I asked to take one and was informed I would be charged an upgrade. CLE must have new management, as I would always get one in the past when I ask.

I had a good week this week, a Fully loaded Buick Lacrosse CXL (PIT), a Challenger (DFW) and a fully loaded Chevy Equinox LTZ (CLE).
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Originally Posted by 91stealthes View Post
no update for a while, so here is one.

Just fyi, they moved the location. National is no longer straight forward, but to the right.

Both ea and es were pretty scarce.

Es: Jeep grand cherokee, 3 impalas, kia sorrento, hyundai sonata, chevy traverse, a minivan and a chevy equinox (it was loaded and i took it).

Ea: 2 ford fusions, a hyundai sonata, a couple others.

In vip was a volvo vc70, vw cc, ford mustang, chrysler 300. I asked to take one and was informed i would be charged an upgrade. Cle must have new management, as i would always get one in the past when i ask.

I had a good week this week, a fully loaded buick lacrosse cxl (pit), a challenger (dfw) and a fully loaded chevy equinox ltz (cle).
when some locations get new managements you would have the worse experience ever.for example i was a frequent renter at ewr in jersey and back like 3 years ago they had volvos and maximas in the aisles.then when they had a management change all of their good vehicles were all in vip/specialty.i asked for a maxima and they said there was gonna be an extra chage and i say what!! I told them that the maximas are in the es rows at all other locations i go to and i never been deny for one and they said we are different than the other locations also,my collaguie went to return and re rent his infiniti g37 that he got from the es aisle in orlando he was instructed by the cs agent over the phone because his contract was up and all he had to do is return and re rent at the location.he goes there and they said that if he wanted to re rent this same car that he had to go to the counter.and at the counter they were charging him 400 dollars more a week than what he had on his they told him i could give you a grand marquis for the price he quoted.they took the vehicle that he returned and they hid it.he was very upset and angry that he went next door to avis and picked up a ride for him to go when they have new management at some locations is not good at can always complain to the cs executive phone number and dont be surprise that they will reward you with free days for the inconvinience.
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This morning around 7:45am in ES:

Dodge Charger
Mitsu Endeavour
Chevy Traverse
Chevy Impala
Chrysler Town & Country <- I took this, only thing with heated seats
Chrysler Town & Country (non leather, no heated seats)

Aisle had a sad selection of Impalas and smaller, inferior vehicles.
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Any updates on cars at CLE

Just wondering what's available- I booked Jeep cherokee or similar. Thanks
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Rented from here the Tuesday evening before last. ES selection was fairly small, but varied -- a Camry, a Taurus (which I took), a large Wrangler, and a few other relatively mundane full-size cars I'm now forgetting.
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Smile any recent updates

on CLE EA/ES available cars?
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Very early Saturday morning, saw two Jeep Patriots, what looked like a loaded Optima, a Ford Escape, Prius, Malibu, and a Captiva LTZ.
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Headed to CLE this Thursday (July 26th), just talked to the counter. He rattled off:
•Grand Cherokee

We'll see... I'll report back on what I grab. Kinda hard to beat a Escape @ Budget for $155 though. Yet to be convinced that my Executive status can compete w/ Costco rates. Wait - did I just type that?!??!
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Grabbed a Maxima. Tons of Camry's, 2 Equinox, 1 Charger, 1 KIA Tucson, 2 Altima's, 1 Ford Edge, couple Corolla's.... Pretty weak but can't complain. Nice almost brand new black Maxima that hauls ....
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